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Monday June 30, 2014

Howdy fambam. I can't believe you're in Destin! AND ASHELY IS IN LINCOLN. OH MY HEART. Get a tan for me :) ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODDDAYYYY MOTHER DEAREST. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. And a 21st HBD to Sister Alexis (Jane) Anderson this week!
Sister Frisina and I are together for another transfer. Here's to lots of learning and using the atonement. I'm excited to grow :) Sister Dumont is still my Sister Training Leader which is such a blessing and a half. HEAVENLY FATHER IS IN THE DETAILS OF OUR LIVES.
Sister Frisina's Birthday
Heavenly Father told me to read "Beware of Pride" and when I studied it this morning I totally saw that I was being prideful. So I'm really going to work on that. I was holding grudges from things and this morning during my study I realized even more how incredible the Savior is. He forgave and loved all those who rejected him. And through him, Sister Frisina and I can have a close relationship. I really want it! I'm now serving her through different ways! It sounds silly, but those things will make her more happy. My testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers has definitely strengthened. I'm grateful that we have another transfer together. I have much to learn from her and I know that as I humble myself and get rid of my own pride, that things will look upppp (i love that song! lds.org youth music!) I'm beginning to understand "see that ye serve him with all your HEART..." I'm putting my trust in the Lord and relying on Him and now all I can do is 'go and do.' I am so grateful for the atonement and knowing that my Savior knows and loves me. He is such a gem :)
Corn is starting to grow.
Brayton and Khris were both out of town this week but they should be coming back soon! As much as I love holidays they can put a damper on things at times.

Miracles. We have this woman, Trina, that we're teaching and it's incredible how the Book of Mormon truly changes lives. She was really hesitant  and wasn't sure if she wanted to listen but she now reads the Book of Mormon everyday and things are really beginning to click for her. She's grown up in her church her whole life so changing really scares her, but if Heavenly Father tells her that this church is true then she will follow through. I love teaching her! I just want to jump out of my seat with excitement because the questions she asks are so sincere and this gospel can answer them for her! I love Trina so much! She's going really slow with it all but she is definitely being converted and I love watching it take place :)
I love Nebraska!

I love y'all so much! See the miracles all around you!
Sister Case
Spent some time with Sista DDD
She loves my family :)
District Pics
My little friends. :)
I wanted to take a picture with one cute little puppy.
Then another one.
Until they all attacked!
Car Wash for our Investigator
Carnival Fun

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