Wednesday, May 21, 2014


May 19, 2014

HOWDY FAMBAM! Soooo I got transferred! To Hastings, NE. There are 2,000 more people here than Columbus haha so I've gone such a long way. Kool-Aid was created here so that's fun.

I'm so excited to be here in Hastings! I know I will learn and grow lots from everyone around me. Sister Frisson is great and I'm excited to work with her to help Hastings! She's from Gilbert, AZ--I can't escape these crazy Arizona humans. There are lots of things that are completely different than  what I'm used to but I'm excited for the challenges that lay ahead. I'm so grateful for this opportunity!
Meeting Sister Frisina

We've already seen a miracle here in Hastings! Church had just ended and we saw this super cute girl and her mom standing in the foyer and we go over and start talking to her. I fell in love instantly! She's about 25 and so sweet. She's a news reporter and is from Arizona but they are not members and she's just struggling with things in her life. (we first started talking about her cute red toms...then Arizona oranges reeled her in. S/O to Aubree Allen for helping with that one haha) All of her friends back home told her to find the church and ask for some help, so that's what she was doing! She said she would love to meet up and even come to church and know more! She met with Bishop Perry (love him!) and told him that she really wants to meet with us because she said we have a sweet and happy spirit that she likes and wants for herself. AND SHE TEXTED US THIS MORNING AND WE ARE GOING TO SEE HER ON WEDNESDAY! I love her! I really do! There is something so sweet and special about her. Please pray for Julia!

I love this gospel and the happiness that it can bring to others. I am so happy for the opportunity that I had to serve with Sister Vogel TWICE! She helped me in so many ways and I can feel myself becoming a consecrated missionary.
Saying Goodbye to Sister Vogel

I love y'all! xoxo

Sister Case
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I just told you my whole life yesterday.

May 12, 2014

Howdy! Seeing y'all last night was oh so tender! My heart was tickled. I just love you soooo much! Yeehhaawwwww for eternal families!
Miracles are happening here in Columbus! This past week at zone training, Sister Vogel and I were able to give a training and we focused a lot of it on sharing the gospel with those that you don't normally think to--like the girl at the table listening in on the lesson or someone in the kitchen--just really trying to include everyone in on the lesson. That training has really helped me grasp a greater desire to share the gospel with everyone! I mean, if we had the cure for cancer that is what we would be doing--telling everyone about it! So we were at a less actives home and we see that her brother is home. Before we begin, we ask her if he would like to join us but she says he probably wouldn't. Well that would just not cut it for Heavenly Father so we then asked if we could go ask him and she said yes! We go and knock on his door and ask him if he would like to learn more about happiness and how to obtain it and he said okay and joined in the lesson about being happy. It just showed me that as long as we open our mouths, God will handle the rest. He is now an investigator and is really sincere. I'm so excited to go back to their house this week to teach them more!
Another miracle we had was on Sunday morning. Sister Vogel and I are striving to be a star companionship every week and we had no one coming to church! We go to our investigator Matthew's  home (because he said he would come, Saturday night) and he says that his leg is killing him and that he won't be able to make it. "No" was not an  answer we could have! We quickly broke down in testimony and told him that we had the faith that he could make it to church and that his leg would be healed in time. We said a prayer with him and said that we would be back to see how he was feeling in about 15 minutes. We then sprint over to our friends  house and she is  sitting in her chair crying  and is not dressed for church. We listen to her troubles, promise her that the sacrament will help her and share our testimonies. We then sprint to her room and grab some clothes, help her get dressed, do her hair, and go  out the door! Then we sprint to Mathew's (and church starts in 3 minutes....) and he is ready to go! Heavenly Father healed him! We quickly call a member to come pick him up. It was so crazy and stressful but Heavenly Father changed their minds and helped them see that church can heal the wounded heart and even leg. Two more souls were able to take the sacrament and I just had a tickle in my heart. Christ died for every single one of us and so everyone should have the opportunity to take the sacrament. The miracles that happened in those 20 minutes will never be forgotten.
I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He is mindful of each and every one of us. I love love love  this gospel. I'm so happy! Share your missionary experiences with me :)
love always, forever and a day, and all that jazz,
Sister Case
Sis Harris  :)
Love me some Appels

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Moo Cows and Miracles

May 5, 2014

Howdy fambam! How was y'alls week? Elder Weston hahaha he seems like a gem. And s/o to Elder Adams! I'm so happy he came and talked to y'all! How was the concert? And thanks so much the for banana bread! Hulga has been oh so happy :)
We had interviews with President this week. He is SOOOO inspired it's insane. He's helping me become fully consecrated and I just love him!
Well I just love cute Columbus because random things always pass through town...animals, airplane parts...random objects. It's fun. WELL this week we were at a red light right next to a big truck of cows...and next thing we know, a special cow raises his tail and starts spraying our car with nasties. Needless to say, we were screaming and it seemed like the longest red light of my life....let the good times roll.
 Church was oh so grand! The spirit was SO strong during sacrament when people were sharing their testimonies! And our less actives that came bore their testimonies. Oh my heart it was so tender. Miracles are happening.
Since my interview I have been trying my hardest to begin being consecrated. It will be a slow process but we have already begun seeing miracles! I'm striving to use the atonement in my life and praying for guidance and strength constantly it feels like--but I'm rewiring my brain for the better! I've been thinking a lot about God's will, and I know that His way is the only way. I can't do things the way I want to because that won't get me anywhere. "There's surely somewhere a lowly place in earth's harvest fields so wide where I may labor through life's short day for Jesus, the Crucified. So trusting my all to thy tender care, and knowing thou lovest me, I'll do thy will with a heart sincere: I'll be what you want me to be." I'll go, say, and be what my Heavenly Father wants  me to be. I want Him to put me to work and mold me for the better! I've had quite a few humbling experiences lately and I'm so thankful for them. I love this work and the trust that Heavenly Father has in me to teach His special children.
Love Always,
Sister Case
The Witt's Cat.
Fishing on P-day.
Hailey  and Natalie
More fishing fun

Friday, May 9, 2014

Stop. Drop. Serve

April 28, 2014
Howdy fambam! How was y'alls week? HOW WAS THE CONCERT? OMH Courtney Anne your hair looked so cute! GOOD LUCK TO LUCY SCHOLL WITH YOUR CONCERT!!! XOXO
Soooo THE CASTANOVA'S CAME TO CHURCH. We bribed them and said we were it might not have been the best song of my life but hey,  they came. They were late and so we didn't see them until we were standing up there to sing and I straight up felt like a groom seeing his bride walk down the isle. I ABOUT DIED. TRUE LOVE AND HAPPINESS RIGHT THERE FOLKS.
Gjet took us on a workout..."today I preach the word girls.." she is so funny! and she said once she gets back from her trip to Colorado that  she wants to be committed. I JUST LOVE HER.
PRISCILLA AND HEATH ARE SET FOR JUNE 21ST! more stories for next week :)
I'm learning that I am happy when I'm around those that I love. I was simply happy at the Cerna's when we were eating together. I was happy when I was painting Dorothy's (a women at the nursing home) nails. I was happy when I was sitting on Jmillz's,  couch watching Mormon messages with her to strengthen her testimony. I was happy when I was with those individuals because I LOVE them. Therefore, I need to LOVE all of those around me so I can always be happy and help others to find happiness.

I am so thankful for trials. I've had some thrown at me the last three the point that I was an orange missionary on the stress test. I'm still a smidge in a little, but I feel like it's going away. I know what I need to work on and what one of the most important things for me to take home from my mission is and I can now see the steps to take to becoming a better me. These last three weeks have been probably the hardest ones on my mission. I wasn't happy about anything. I had no motivation. I felt like a zombie. I still would try to work hard and do all I could to help others...but I wasn't myself or feeling up to it. I felt like I was going in circles and going to be doing the same thing over...and over...and over again. Well after a bawling breakdown at a member's home and a priesthood blessing I was a tiny bit better, but nothing incredible. I've been so stressed to the point that at night I would wake up in the middle of the night and say, "all you have to do is go back to sleep...that is the only thing you have to do" or "all you have to do is mop her floor.." I was having to break down things so tiny or else I would start to crack. I've always loved to say I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! but this last little bit I haven't. I was going through the motions and trying my hardest to endure to the end because I knew I needed to--not because I wanted to--and being a missionary was anything but fun.

It's in this rut where I started studying prayer more. and gratitude. and service. Service has saved my life! When we were helping organize or clean or anything really--I was focused on others and not my stressful "woe is me" thoughts. Turning outward and listening with love has helped so much. I now notice the little blessings and miracles that Heavenly Father puts in my path and I acknowledge them more.

I'm no where near close to becoming my potential but I have hope now. It's possible through the atonement. Ether 12:6 has helped me a lot. I know my trial isn't quite over and I know I will have many more...but I've learned so much. I love my Heavenly Father. He believes in me and as I continue to pray to Him, I am strengthened. It's been hard...but I'm happy. I've learned so much about myself through this one hard spot and I could only have learned it here. So I guess that means...that I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
I love y'all! eat a cupcake for me.
Sister Case