Friday, June 27, 2014

Let it Gooooooo

Monday June 23, 2014

 Howdy Fambam! How was the trek? Oh my heart I just want to hear alllll about it! AND AHHHH THE BEST SURPRISE EVER TO HEAR THAT WE WILL BE DOING A DISNEY CRUISE FOR OUR FAMILY REUNION NEXT YEAR. YEEEEHAWWWW. Oh and I have like 8,000 pictures I’m sending today so get ready.
Jennifer and Ethan are going through some family stuff so we haven't been able to see them but MIRACLES. We saw Ethan randomly walking down the street right when we were getting out of a lesson so we went and talked to him. He says they're trying to stay strong and praying and they are apparently like 1/2 way through the Book of Mormon! So just keep praying for them please.

We’re teaching this little boy, Brayton, and he committed to being baptized on the 12th! Stay tuned and say lots of prayers for him. I started crying in our lesson when we were teaching him of prayer and I bore testimony that we can pray anytime, anywhere, ALWAYS. I love you #more Mom  :)

So can I just say something crazy? ….I love crazy….(so I have no idea what Frozen is about, but the appel fambam got Sister Dumont and I hooked to the music. Did you ever realize that almost all the songs relate to the gospel? Crazy but true!)Today I really wanted to talk about  things that I’ve learned from my mission and how it’s shaping me—really how the Atonement is molding me into ME. Through being Sister Case, who is Carly becoming? It’s something that came to me and has really stuck. Who am I becoming through this beautiful journey that I’m on? A mission is incredible. I’ve never been happier, sad, excited, and terrified— all of it. Every mix of emotion really, but through the Atonement I’m able to move forward no matter what lay ahead. My faith has grown so much! I’ve realized that I rely on my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ more than I ever have before. I turn to the Lord for guidance and hit my knees or say a prayer in my heart constantly. I do things because of my love for the Lord and I want Him to be proud of me and I want to help his beloved children. A mission helps you take a step back from all the crazy of the world—or even just your own little world—to see what’s truly important. “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small. And the fears of the ones who controlled me, can’t get to me at all.” I LOVE the scriptures. My heart has never been more opened to love people. People make fun of me lots because they say I’m TOO happy or peppy but I can’t help it! I HAVE THE GOSPEL IN MY LIFE AND IT FEELS ME WITH JOY. Think about it, if we all just smiled or waved at people first, or went out of our way to compliment someone or make their day THINK OF HOW HAPPY THIS WORLD WOULD BE. And just being a friend, being someone that the Savior would turn to for a hug or hello, is a great way to be a missionary! I feel like it goes with, ‘If you give a pig a pancake…” to ‘if you give someone a smile…they will probably smile back. They might even want to know why you’re so happy…” We have so much to smile about! We each just need to find it in ourselves of what makes us happy and share that little testimony with others! From visiting teaching to food storage to realizing that age truly doesn’t matter when it comes to love (My 2 best friends in Columbus were Cele Appel (14) and Sister Joyce Miller (69) ) I’m learning so much! “Here I stand---as a daughter of God at all times, in all things, and in all places—and here I’ll stay.” “I’m never going back. The past is in the past.” The person I am today is not the person I was when I left, and it’s all because of Jesus Christ. He died for ME. He paved the way for ME. FOR EACH OF US. If only one of us strayed away, He would have come down and do everything he did—for each one of us alone. HE LOVES ALL OF US SOO MUCH. The atonement is infinite but it’s also intimate. I want an eternal family. I want to help others to #comeuntochrist. We’re all on our own mission RIGHT NOW. We’re all in our “4 minutes.” We are all missionaries. And for those who are thinking of going on a mission, who have their call and might want to turn back, and those who have served one—it’s the best! Pray and ask how you can be a missionary in your own area now. I am so grateful for this time to learn and grow. To strengthen others testimonies—and my own. I love my Savior. I love the Book of Mormon. I love smiling. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love knowing I can pray anytime, anywhere, always. I love knowing that I’m beginning to be a different me.  A BETTER me. And it’s because of the atonement that it’s all possible.

“Out here in the NEBRASKA air, I finally can breathe. I know I left a life behind but I’m too relieved to grieve.”
Sister Case
Every Week I take a picture with the corn to see it grow.
I love Sister Dumont
We're teaching Khris! He will be getting baptized soon and then wants to go on a mission.
The Storm was COMMIN'
This is Matthew.  Sister Dumont and I found him... then he disappeared.  Then Sister Vogel and I found him again and started teaching him! He is my Mother's Day miracle with the hurt leg that came to church.  I just found out that he was baptized!  I love this gospel.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Be Still My Soul

Monday June 16, 2014

Howdy fambam! That's my jam lately. I realllly like that song. So apparently there were tornadoes and what not...but Sister Frisina and I like completely slept through it! And the trees next to our window snapped in half...but hey I'm alive. I used to be a light sleeper but this whole missionary things wipes me out every day hahahaha tooo funny. Like 90 mph winds and nada....woof. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO GRAM AND ELDER MCALLISTER. HAVE A GREAT DAYYY. How was girls camp?!


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY AGAIN. Golly I love being on a mission! Father's day was lovely! It really helped me to see how much our HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES us. I decided to give Him a break from all of my struggles and just say gratitude prayers all day yesterday and it was such a humbling experience and I so realized HOW MUCH He truly does for me. And it was tender to show others that we all have a loving father in our lives: GOD. I love my Heavenly Father so much! He is so kind and loving and FORGIVING. He wants each of us to succeed in life and to learn and grow as much as we can!  And He just wants to help me be a better ME. I'm so grateful that He let me come on a mission and let me come to NE! I love Him! And since I couldn't give my own daddy a hug yesterday, I tried to give all of God's children a hug for HIM. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY HEAVENLY FATHER.

I LOVE Y'ALL! HAVE SUCH A GREAT WEEK. What have you learned in your scripture studies?


Sister Case

He is proud of our EFFORTS

Monday June 9, 2014

Howdy fambam! Is it officially summer for y'all? When is trek and efy and all that jazz? S/O TO CHANDLER BROWN FOR BEING A GEM AND A SNAZZY RM.

I'm 9 months in! Can you believe it??!!! I love being a missionary! Elder Daines said something in zone training once upon a time that has really stuck with me--"I have completely forgotten who I was before my mission and have the opportunity to be whoever I want." And I feel like that is so true! 9 months later and I know I still have lots and lots to learn until the day I die--but I now just want to be someone that Heavenly Father is proud of. It finally clicked to me--during exchanges--that I make all these goals for myself and try to be a perfectionist because I've always thought that if I'm trying to do all these different things and accomplish all of them at the same time then Heavenly Father HAS to be proud of me! and this week I finally learned that He IS proud of me because I'm trying...but it's line upon line; precept upon precept. I'm not Wonder Woman and President didn't call me to the state of Nebraska. He called me to Hastings to serve the people here and to serve dear Sister Frisina. Sister Call gave me this quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley, "Please don't nag yourself with thought of failure. Don't set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. Simply do what you can do in the best way you know how and the Lord will accept your effort." Oh my heart, I just love that! So now I just have 2 goals: 1 is for the rest of my mission (to study Adjusting to Missionary Life) and 1 for this transfer: charity.
Exchanges with Sis. Call and Sis. Dumont
It's going pretty good for me and Sister Frisina. Prayers are being answered because our teaching is beginning to become more unified. Something that has really been helping me is having the mindset that Sister Frisina and Jesus Christ are best friends, and he is always with her. If I want Christ to be my best friend, I have to know Sister Frisina to know him. And it's the little things like slowing down my walking pace to match hers, or pointing out all the different animals to her so she can admire them, and just constantly and randomly telling her that I love her. I'm trying to use the atonement everyday and I'm beginning to see changes. I am so grateful for her! She is just what I needed to help with my own conversion. I've realized that as I turn outward and just help her become her best self and do all I can to help her shine and help her see that she is a beautiful daughter of God, then in return Heavenly Father helps me become my best self in the process.

We have these golden investigators named Jenifer and Ethan! We were getting balloons and as we were walking out the thought came to me, "If you're using my time you need to share it." We were half way out of the store but I immediately turned around and asked the lady at the register--Jennifer--if she would like to know more about Jesus Christ and how to find happiness in this life AND SHE SAID YES. She gave us her information and told us to call her the next day. Well, we've been meeting with them and they are just lovely! They love our lessons and are huge fans of the family proclamation. She's prayed and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. And it was just such a testimony builder to me as well that we need to pray to know who is really prepared for this gospel because Jen has members of the church at her work but none of them had shared it with her AND SHE IS SO READY. We had a lesson with just Ethan and the elders this week and it was incredible! His questions are so sincere and he has such a strong desire to know more. Both of them told us how after meeting with us they just felt so happy and now they NEED these lessons to help them get through the week and give them hope. Apparently when we first met them, it was the best thing that had happened to them all year because this year has been terrible and learning about Christ has made them want to be better. Jennifer even said that the day we met her was perfect timing, because she just found out that her mother was going to jail early that morning and then all of a sudden we showed up asking her if she wanted happiness in her life. MIRACLES. Ethan's questions were, "I would really like a woman's perspective on a man who follows Christ." "As a man, what can I do for God to help Him? What is my role?" aka the priesthood! "How can I help Jenifer grow closer to God and strengthen our relationship together with God?" We started talking about church and its importance and all of a sudden he goes, "You know, church seems so important and the way to follow God. I'm going to ask for Sundays off. The sacrifice of no money that day will be worth it." and then he starts telling us how he's changed his taste in music, since he met us, to more wholesome songs so he can hear the Spirit more. They are so ready! And when we were driving home the Spirit let me know that because I've been trying to be more consecrated and cut things out of my life...that Jennifer and Ethan are a direct blessing from that.

I know Heavenly Father is watching out for each of us! We just need to be in tune with the Spirit and open our eyes for all the miracles around us.

I LOVE Y'ALL SOOO MUCH! Have a great week and smillllleee lots!

Sister Case

Scholl Swag


Crazy life for a Crazy Missionary

June 2, 2014

Howdy Fambam!

Some interesting things happened this week. Well for one...I FOUND THE ICE CREAM MAN. His name is Shawn. Love himmmmm. Oh and we had a lesson with someone who told us he was a werewolf? And then he was creepily calling us late last night. Gotta love the missionary life. Oh and we had to help a lady wash her cat--TO GET HER TO COME TO CHURCH. You can't make this stuff up! Nebraska humans...or part animals...are crazy and I love it!


Julia is now in Arizona and it was so sad but I know Heavenly Father has something special in mind. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Sister Frisina and I were locked out of our apartment and so we had to wait a bit for someone to come help that meant we were stuck there sitting on the stairs staring at each other....and I KNOW that Heavenly Father had a hand in that. We're not unified in our teaching or really anything! We are just so different....and it's been instant best friends with my last two companions but it's actual work this time. I have to remind myself to talk to her or ask her questions or leave her warm's just different and something I'm not used to. But it's just what I've needed. I feel like I'm soooo uptight about rules and being a great missionary and so much stuff that I'm now needing to be more relaxed. I'm so grateful for the atonement and the chance I have to try again. Each minute I can try again. And that's what I'm beginning to realize...that it's about trying and becoming a little better with each try. I love this gospel! I was praying to Heavenly Father and in my prayer journal I wrote down, "Trust me. You are given your trials for a reason. I have a plan for YOU, Sister Case. Trust me, and you trust by smiling through it all. Believe in me and you will see." He is chipping away my rough edges. To mold means putting pressure against. Each day is a new day I've realized. Actually, each minute is a new minute to repent, shake it off, and try again. I'm not perfect, though I try to be a perfectionist. I'm not a lot of things but I AM a representative of Jesus Christ and each day I can try to be more like my Savior. I have good days and not so good days...but I'm learning! I'm trying to understand the atonement and use it in my life everyday and I know it will come. So until then I'll keep TRYING. I'll keep praying. I'll keep smiling. I'll keep trusting. There is NO other place I would rather be than here in Nebraska serving His children.

I love y'all! Let me know of your missionaries experiences :)
Sister Case

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

S/O to Julia

Tuesday May 27, 2014

Hastings has been interesting. I'm still learning where everything is. But the members seem way nice! I love the Bishop here! I had deer steak wrapped in either I'll die on my mission here in Hastings and finish it out...or I really could die from a heart attack. Satan's pets---I mean spiders---have decided to come out and play in our apartment. Sister Frisina has been so nice as I cry in a corner and she kills them for me.
We found 5 new investigators this week. WHAT? Miracles here in Hastings.
So Julia is moving back to Arizona! Like I don't think I've ever cried so hard over someone in my entire life. Ever since I've met her I've been a crying bawl baby  to Heavenly Father that she will accept this gospel,  and now she's going back to Chandler, Az. sooo all you RMs FIND HER. BAPTIZE HER. MARRY HER.  I am HEARTBROKEN! I really don't think I've ever loved anyone that much before and for her to tell us that she's going back home killed me!  Heavenly Father has something in store for her though, I just know it! She came to church on Sunday and sacrament was all about the Restoration, Sunday school=plan of salvation, and relief society=priesthood. WHAT IN THE WORLD? It was the most incredible Sunday of my life! Heavenly Father truly answers prayers b/c the wholllleee time I was praying that she would feel something. And she said she would take the lessons when she gets home. I've never cried to Heavenly Father about someone we're teaching but I have lots with her. She even thinks we've known each other forever and I feel like we have too. We read through the Family Proclamation with her and she loves it! She said she's going to save it and when she gets married she will show it to her husband and say that she wants her family just like this. So maybe we were just those missionaries that helped her to be prepared...but I know I'll see her again. I LOVE HER.

I'm so grateful to be in Hastings. I feel like this has been the hardest thing of my entire life. I'm learning patience and charity--well trying to anyway. Besides Julia, I really don't feel like I'm a very loving person and that scares me!  But I'm working on it. So I'm so thankful to have this opportunity to grow. :)

I love you!
Sister Case