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January 12, 2015

Howwwddeee fambam. How is life over there? People have been cracking jokes around town: "How are you enjoying the heat wave?" Ha. Ha. Ha. very funny. But I guess it's warmer than normal so I am oh so grateful. AND NEBRASKA SUNSETS ARE BEAUTIFUL. the end.

Life over here in Omaha is swell. My companion is oh so healthy it kills me. Actually it's great and I try my hardest to support her and follow her eating most missionaries do this thing called 6 months to sexy...ya well I'm at 6 weeks--to slim? Because of her now. I like tomatoes now so I feel like that is pretty darn healthy.

We have an investigator named Maggie who is set for Valentine's day! She wants to have a relationship with God and love him the way even more then the love you can have for a boy. And she's really into meeting with converts to see how they've felt after becoming a member and adjusting to things. She is so sincere! She came to the CES devotional last night (everyone should seriously read that talk. So good so good) and break the fast and sooo many people we're talking to her,  it was the best thing I've ever seen in my life. She just fit right in. Her biggest fear is that her parents will be mad!! So please pray that her parents hearts will soften.

Kayla....we kinda had a DTR( Determine the Relationship)...ya I'm still crying about it. She just doesn't have the desire to keep the commandments or do things with real intent. And it was just really rough. Like she thinks God has made her an exception to lots of things and that she is 100% ready to live with God right now. We'll keep trying.
We had interviews with President this week. It was so great...but I cried. First one track record was so good. woof. Out of no where he asks how much longer I have on my mission...."Um....a month and a half...." And i have never said that out loud before! And it finally hit me. BOOM. I just lost it. I all of a sudden felt like my heart was getting ripped out of my chest and there was nothing I could do about it. So now I'm sitting there crying and he just keeps on going haha "That's not a long time. That is all the time you have left and you will never have another opportunity like this. not even in eternity. You're time here is short and it's coming to an end." He then went on (while I'm just still silently crying my eyes out ) to just say that I need to enjoy my mission. Enjoy every single minute of it. To spend half the time in lessons teaching a few bullet points on the gospel of Jesus Christ, but then for the other half to just sit and listen and love the people and enjoy my time with them. To savor the moment. Enjoy the mission. Just have fun. I mean I thought I was? but I'm just letting it all go now. And let me tell you--I have been extra happy this week. I've been really making sure that I'M HAVING FUN while I teach and try new things and talk to strangers. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and to HAVE FUN and I'm loving it!
The Trail Center brings out the little kid in all of us.
Too much fun at the Trail Center!
He also taught me lots on positivity. And I've been thinking about that lately. I'm learning that positivity leads to trust in God and increased faith. When we're positive we see things not as a 'why me?' but really a "what does God want me to learn from this?"  A positive outlook on life is key to see that something better is in store when things don't work out. Life can and should be a wonderful experience!
Sister Weston and Sister Whipple with our Nebraska Necklaces
I just want to close with my thoughts and feelings for my Savior, Jesus Christ. My studies have been incredible lately as I've been reading the Book of Mormon and searching for acts of faith and really focusing on Christ throughout it all. And each time I open up my book, I pray that I can become on a familiar basis with him. And I can feel our relationship growing--day by day. I know that Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us and he died for us all. A girl during her talk said, "Christ wasn't asked to fulfill a hard calling or move across the country or even bear his testimony. He was asked to die for the sins of the world." He died so we could have our families for eternity. So we could all be resurrected someday. So we could have the perfect example to follow. I love him with all my heart. It still kills me that I'm representing his name each day. It's a big responsibility but I'm so grateful for the opportunity. 

I love y'all!!!

Sister Case

Winter Wonderland

January 5, 2014

Howdy fambam! so it's cold. what's new. but it does look very pretty! So I'm a fan of Heavenly Father's beautiful snow and creations.
(ahahhaha oh how I have changed so much. this is too good.)
Sister Powell and I had the opportunity to help clean the temple this morning! And we got to clean the bride's room and it was soooo beautiful. I love that temple so much!
Fun moments of the week: Sister Dumont came in and it just so happened that I was on shift that night! And after gingerbread with her recent convert, Ashley, we took her to the memorial room and sang "I know, I feel" one last time together in there as missionaries. That was probably the last time I'll see her here in NE...which was bitter sweet but boy do I love that gem. Heavenly Father is so aware of us and she is direct blessing and testimony of that.
Coolest miracle ever! I'm in the  gingerbread area and I start talking to this lady and we just click. Like I feel like we've known each other for years and we're the best of friends in the course of about 7 minutes. I offer to take her and her daughter on a tour upstairs. We start the tour and I notice she's wearing a work shirt that a member from our ward works at too and then it's an instant member connection. WELL this member, Sara who served her mission in Texas!, has been planting seeds just by being a friend and talking about her sister Emily who is now on a mission and so this lady named Jennifer was just asking me lots of questions and it was great! Well all of a sudden I have the direct impression to really focus on what she's about to say and that I really need to apply it back to the gospel. All she says is "I just really love family." and BAM. the rest of the tour we're talking about eternal families and basically the plan of salvation. It was so neat! And by the end of this 30 minute tour we were really good friends to the point that this stranger wanted to give me all of her information so we could stay in contact and that she could come to my departing testimony the day before I leave NE. HOW NEAT IS THAT?! it was a huge testimony builder of member missionary work and always being willing and ready to listen and act on the Spirit and the promptings we receive. I LOVE THE TRAIL CENTER.
Cold Springs ward moved to institute and it was really good! I love that ward so much. Such a cute little family. Everyone knows when I'm going home some they like to tease me lots but they are so great. I'm so blessed to be serving there. and Kayla fasted with us! miracles. She is doing good. kinda. I'm so grateful for the lessons that she's teaching ME.
I know that TRUE happiness and joy comes from the Savior. I know that the atonement is real and that Heavenly Father is a patient and loving God who wants nothing more than for us to be happy. And it's through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that this is possible. I love trials. I love life lessons. I love my mission. I love snow. I love the temple. I love striving to be a true and full representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love y'all! HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY COURTNEY ANNE! love ya sissy!
love always,
Sister Case


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


December 29, 2014
HOWDDY. OH MY HEART IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE Y'ALL. Pushing hang up is basically the most depressing thing ever. I just wanted to stay at  the computer and beg for y'all to come's fine.
Skyping with the Family :)
I hope y'all had just the happiest of Christmases'. Sister Powell and I were oh so loved. BBQ both Christmas eve and Christmas! yuhhh. and a Texas pie. (The Jeppesen's are from TX too so it's always a grand ol' time with them!)
Visiting with Grandma Jeppesen.
And we had Christmas breakfast with the Trail Center sisters and then opened a few gifts together and the senior couples put on a program for us Christmas Eve.
AND MOTHER DEAREST. THEY READ CHRISTMAS ORANGES. I WAS DYING. IT FELT LIKE HOME. All in all--it was another great one! Oh and I really truly forgot all about being a cat lady until I opened some tender cat things. LOVE. Brother Jeppesen  at dinner said, "You know you've left it all on the alter when you forget about your dreams of being a cat lady." too good.

I finished the Book of Mormon this past week! Boy do I love that book. And I think it's really interesting how Heavenly Father just knows where we are in it and knows exactly how to help us. Like miracle---I was super behind and so was Sister T (and we've never had a great relationship) and in my prayers the night before Heavenly Father distinctly told me to help Sister T finish in time for Zone Christmas Conference. And I was just as behind as her! And we were able to work together on it all day at the TC and we have a really special bond from it now and He knew that so we could be more unified and help the TC be more unified. It was just a neat experience and I love knowing that He is truly in control of everything and always looking for our best interest.
MEET THE MORMONS IS COMING TO A VISITOR CENTER NEAR YOU. Yep! It's coming to the Trail Center! ahhh so happy! and Salt Lake told us we have our very own HASHTAG too! hahaha I just love my life. Check it out if you want to see all the fun that's here at good ol' Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters  #mormontrail
KAYLA CAME TO CHURCH FOR THE 2ND TIME IN A ROW. Love her. I'm now reading the Book of Mormon with her and we're circling every time it says faith and highlighting any time where faith is being used or acted upon. It's been really neat. We have a lesson tomorrow to talk about what we're learning so far. Please pray that her faith will be strengthened and that she will allow the atonement to work within her.
We're teaching a girl named Penelope...don't know if I told you that? but she's set for 1/ some prayers for her would be swell too.
Church. HAHAHAHA. There were a total of like 15ish? And no one could play the piano so the first hymn in sacrament was A cappella...and then for the sacrament hymn no one knew the first note and this girl visiting stood up and said she could at least play the right hand....too funny...and then the intermediate hymn one girl played the only song she knew so it all worked out...but it was hilarious.
I am so grateful for 2014. I mean 14 is my 2nd favorite number...But I am so happy to say that I was able to have the year 2014 dedicated to my mission. To serving others. To seeking to know my Savior. To helping others find true joy and happiness. I've had some serious ups and downs but I wouldn't change it for anything b/c this year has helped me be a better me and love people I would have never even met. Let's take a stroll down memory lane....remember when....
-I rode my first ferris wheel....and thought I was going to die and fall out..
-caught my 1st fish
-held a dead bird....and bat....
-made lasting relationships
-began this incredible journey of knowing my Savior, Jesus Christ
-washed some cats to soften hearts
-went dumpster diving a few times for old ladies
-slept through a tornado storm
-Gained a better testimony of the Lord's timing
-Served at the Trail Center and gained a strong appreciation for the pioneers
-learned to love people the way they want/need to be loved rather than how I want to love them
-found out I could do 111 push ups
-realized I have a phobia of smelling bad
-overcame my fears of talking to RMs
-learned how to say companion, vacuum, and 'what?' in mandarin
-fell in love with Nebraska and the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
It has been an incredible year and I am so happy for all that I have learned and i'm so grateful for more time to serve. Our stake president came to our ward yesterday. He talked about how when a baby is learning how to walk, you don't yell at her and say she's silly and that she's never going to make it. No! You encourage her and help her back up and let her know that she can do it. And that's how our loving Heavenly Father is too. Every single one of us is His child. He loves each of us unconditionally and we need to remember that He is cheering us on! He encouraged us that when we make our new years resolutions, we need to to make it a goal to not focus on our falls but on the steps we're DOING RIGHT. To look for his grace EVERY DAY.
I hope we each take the time to do that and remember that we have someone who is smiling down and is so proud of the little ways that we're getting better.
I love y'all so much! Remember that He is only a prayer away!
love always,
Merry Huskers Christmas
Christmas Jammies with Sis Powell
Sister Howes
Sister Cragen

Matching Shirts from Mamma Case
I still love Texas!
Sister Case
ps. enjoy New Years! I can't wait to give my cute Book of Mormon another kissy kiss! xoxo



December 22, 2014

HOWDY FAMBAM. OH MY HEART I AM JUST SO EXCITED TO SEE Y'ALL. It's going to be oh so wonderful. Just a heads up again I have 40 minutes MAX so NO CRYING is allowed. hahaha glad we got that taken care of.
There are so many interesting people here it kills me. And I love how it's possible to talk to people about anything. This guy was walking out of his apartment and he was a YSAer so we totally had to swoop in. Next thing I know I'm talking about Mt. Dew flavors with him...but hey I made a connection real fast so it all worked out and he actually started opening up more. *s/o to all the NOM elders for being obsessed with Mt. Dew so I actually knew what to talk about*  Hahaha I love being a missionary. I have fully embraced the awkwardness. His name is Alex...and he's apart of the sexy nerds club here in Omaha. OH MY HEART WHEN DID THAT BECOME A THING. Straight up group of nerds that get together on the weekends at bars and talk about video games and ....other things.....but he said he might look at He Is The Gift so mission accomplished.
It was Sister Powell's birthday last Tuesday so it was such a fun day and I was able to be oh so sneaky the whole time. And can I just say that birthday's on the mission are true miracles? Hahaha so I texted basically everyone in the phone telling them it was her birthday and as a present we would like to come visit...and super super SUPER less actives were responding and it was a grand old time. The Lord is so good!
KAYLA CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN THIS WEEK AND STAYED FOR ALL 3 HOURS. She ASKED us to call and wake her up. Miracles. I just love her sooo much. We had a lesson with her earlier this week and at one point Sister Powell reads a scripture to her about trusting in the Lord and Kayla with a dead straight face and wayyyy too much sass says, "I already know that." Sister Powell looked straight up terrified. Poor thing. I didn't warn her enough I guess. But it ended good. She was yelling about how  all the people in the church are hypocrites and ladeeedaaa so now she has committed to coming to church for 3 months straight and she plans on proving that this church is wrong. She seriously kills me. Pretty sure I threw my planner at her the other day b/c she was being so difficult...kindly of course....and she loved it and started laughing. I really don't understand her hahaha but I love her to death.This is our relationship in a nut shell: in Sunday school the tithing settlement clipboard was getting passed around and I pass it to her and say "you can just go meet with the bishop and talk to him...he really wants to meet with you!" "...nice try Case..." and we have this 10 second glare stare down and then I lose on purpose and smile at her and she just rolls her eyes at me and shakes her head. Yep, that sums it up quite well. It was really tender though b/c when we were  walking up with her to have a lesson she just looked different and it actually took my breath away for a second. She looked happier. The spirit is trying sooo hard to shine through...but she keeps trying to kick it out. But it was just a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father knows and loves her and wants her to know that. She has come such a long way!!
We had Christmas zone conference this week and Sister Dumont and I were there together and sang a song. I feel like I'm singing wayyy too much lately haha. But it was so great to be with the best friend again. God loves us!
And we went to the temple too! I LOVE THE TEMPLE. So magical.
I love this time of year and I love He Is The Gift and sharing it with everyone at the Trail Center. I love the spirit that it brings into the room and how people are truly happier afterwards. I was walking past this one women (who was not a member) and she tells her little boy, "that made mommy have a better day." WAHHH TOOO TENDER. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He truly is the gift and #because of him we can find true happiness in our lives. Have such a merry Christmas and never forget what it's all about!
LOVE YOU. See you soooon
Sister Case


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


December 15, 2015

Howwwdddeeeeeee. How are y'all? So fun to see all y'all for the concerts. Y'all looked all snazzy. AND SISTER ALEXIS JANE ANDERSON I LOVE YOU AND WELCOME HOME BABY BOO BESTIE. This week was crazy. CRAZY. My companion left me and then I found out my apartment was getting shut down so we needed to clean and move out and we were practically at the trail center all week so we hardly could see anyone and woof. But all is well. I have survived another one. So many sisters went home again and I just love and miss them all. Sister Lelle left me. Ughhh. Shambled life, let me tell you. So I was put with Sister Powell for a few days b/c her companion went home as well. Funny thing--we're actually real deal companions! So you can just call us Ca*Pow! from now on.
We shall accept it. She is the cutest thing in the world! She's from the Tri cities in Washington and she's been out for about 6 months and I'm her 2nd companion. I'm still at the trail center and I'm still in Cold Springs! Life is oh so grand. The only sad part is that with so many sisters leaving the mission I was released as a Sister Training Leader...and let me tell you--I was oh so sad. But it was a great learning experience for the short 6 weeks and I'm learning lots from it all ready. It's really just all in how you look at it, so I'll be positive about it all. All is well!

Stacey Vance and I sang this song in sacrament. It was way hard...but I think it went okay? what else....Oh. I basically got dumped this week and had my heart ripped out. (Yep, I'm still dramatic old me.) We had our final lesson with Angie and it was truly awful. Stacey was with me (while Sister Powell was on team ups in her old ward) and we talked things out. Satan is so mean! She wanted to read up on all this anti stuff and she didn't even try to talk to other active members and I just bawled the whole way home afterwards. She said she would still come to activities and things but she didn't want to be a part of the church anymore. On a positive note.....this random guy called us saying he just got home from his mission in Hungry and had a friend that wanted to know more about the church and wanted to meet up before heading out to Utah. *s/o to Mitch Young forever and always* So we now have this super cute girl named Sara that we're teaching. So all and all it was a rough week--but God still gives us miracles and knows how to show His love for us. True gem.

And can I just say that I love the trail center! I had some INCREDIBLE tours this week and every single time I'm there I gain a stronger testimony that God hears and answers prayers and is mindful of each and every one of us. The Spirit is the true teacher and I'm in awe at times at the things that are said. The Trail Center gallery is truly like a portal. They enter in at Nauvoo and are changed by the time they reach Salt Lake--JUST LIKE THE PIONEERS. I can't wait to tell you all of the wonderful miracles I've witnessed at that special place.

Oh and some people have been asking me what I want for Christmas--and all I really want is for each person to write their testimony on whatever is dear to their hearts. I grow from others testimonies and would love to read them!

I love y'all soooo much. I just love my Savior and all that he does for me each and every day.


Sister Case
State Pizzas with Sister Howe
Sister Powell... My true Homie
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