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It's a GIRL.

September 22, 2014
howwwddddyyyyyyyyyyy fambam! Oh my heart! My sisters are gorgeous! Y'all looked so beautiful for homecoming. Ashley--I am STEALING your dress! Y'all are foxes.

So I have so much to say! eeks! Well I'm just going to go it in numbers because that will be easier....

1. I got transferred
2. I still get to serve at the Trail Center :)
3. I'm in a trio
5. My other companion--sister Cragun--and I came out together. #tender
6. Sister Strong (my baby girl) is a visa waiter FOR TAIWAN.
7. I'm leaning a new language basically.
Training Sister Strong
Sooooo that's my life! I would have never thought that I would train or being in a YSA! (Young Single Adult)  ahhhh. So I'm like training this sister on life and for the trail center. Do I have any clue what I'm doing? hahahaha PSYCH. But Heavenly Father is leading and guiding every step of the way. And Sister Cragun is helping as well so it's grand. I love the two of them. This is now my 3rd apartment that I've moved into after elders......boys are so gross. the end. Like....we have no soap? hahahaha the struggle has been real the past few days. You try eating oatmeal with a knife.... so we're deep cleaning and organizing and unpacking for our pday. yeeehawww.

Sister Cragun is from Roy, Utah and Sister Strong is from Hooper, Utah. Actually, they knew each other in high school--how funny is that?! So our studies go like this 1 hour of personal study. 1 hour of companionship study. 1 hour of 12 week (for the new missionaries.) and then 1 hour of language study. and then lunch....and then off to the trail center at times. So our little time in the area is rough but the time that we do have IS INCREDIBLE. I HAVE SEEN SO MANY MIRACLES IN JUST THE LAST 24 HOURS.

We worked on shift Thursday night so I didn't even really get to say "see you later" to anyone in Kanesville, but all is well. I will see these gems again someday! I was just about to have a baptism too! for this 11 yr old boy named Thomas. He is so great!
I did get to say " see ya later" to the Brockways. I love them.

So with helping Sister Strong study Mandarin..good golly that stuff is intense. Like Heavenly Father knew what He was doing sending me state side. But we will play little games with her or I'll read words to her and she repeats them back in the language. But like it's really neat because I'm starting to understand the tones of it all and I'm able to correct things when she messes up. I don't know how to explain it but it's so neat! Like I will never speak this stuff, but Heavenly Father is helping me at least wrap my brain around some things to help her with her studies. She was the only sister that came out that's heading to Taiwan and so it's some pressure but such an honor and privilege to be training Sister Strong and helping her in any way that I can. Thank goodness for the trio!
Sister Case, Sister Strong, Sister Cragun

We have a new investigator named Angelica that we met for the first time last night and she's already set for baptism for November 1st! She is GOLDEN. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and referred herself on and WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED. AHHHH I LOVE HER. We asked her if she has prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and she goes, "no, I just know it is. I mean I had some doubts...but when I was reading my eyes just turned to this one verse and it answered all my questions. It was like God was talking to ME." Oh my heart we all walked out of that lesson wanting to just cry tears of joy.

When President called, he asked me to pray after the call to know that I need to be in the Cold Springs YSA ward with these two sisters. Heavenly Father opened my eyes to the reasons why I am needed there and it was such a testimony builder that He truly knows each of us and our concerns and wants to help in any way. And that He answers prayers. I can see all the different ways I will be stretched and I'm excited for it. I know it will be hard, but with my two incredible companions we will be able to fulfill God's will. Like it's so weird working with people my age! And some of these girls--I swear they are 28...nope. They graduated with me....I look like I'm 12 years old compared to all of them. Whatever--they can all go get married and I'll keep being a missionary. But all these references about dating and marriage and back scratches during sacrament. DYING. Oh and our 1st lesson in the area was to an engaged couple. hahaha I love my life! And we get to help her with her wedding center pieces. Toooo good. and We have fhe every night and tons of activities all the time. I love it here! And it's helping me strengthen my testimony of the kind of person I want to be after the mission. I'll explain more next week :)

We pink washed the area--so elders leave and sisters come in. So we know NO ONE OR ANYTHING. But I love that the 3 of us are all new to the area because we HAVE to rely on the Spirit. We don't know these people, but Heavenly Father does. And He will make us instruments in His hands. The lessons that we have had, have been exactly to their needs and I walk away from those lessons just feeling pure joy, just knowing that we're on the same page as Heavenly Father and being able to do His work. I love it out there! And it has been so incredible. He cares about every one of us and we get to come be His helpers.

We cleaned the temple this morning for part of our pday! I love the temple! And it is so beautiful. I can't wait for y'all to see the Winter Quarters temple someday! I got to clean Heavenly Father's home. How neat is that!

Well I am just a happy camper. I just love life and I am so grateful that I still get to be at the trail center. (this will probably be my last one because President told me he wants to make it a proselyting area.) Ahhhh i'm just so happy!

love y'all!

Sister Case
Look who I get to study up on!  Go Grandma Patty!
Love my Sister Schrader

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