Thursday, September 25, 2014

"It's not a race-- it's a journey.... ENJOY THE MOMENT!"

September 15, 2014

Howdy fambam! Holy Hannah I have officially brought out the tights. Nooooooooooo. 

Soooo how are y'all? I can't wait to hear all about Homecoming. yeeehaawww! I love mums. S/O to Texas. and thank you so much for the help with my glasses. I finally have them and can see again. Miracles happen.

Okay time for some stories! Well one--the spirit finally led me to someone through my food cravings. I knew my dreams would come true one of these days! We were praying to decide between 2 people that we should go see and during the prayer "Eli's Deli" popped into my head. And I was truly fighting back the hunger thoughts but I really felt like we should go there. (we do have a potential investigator there and her mom used to be a member? We still need to figure all that out.) So we head over there and at the park before we enter we're able to give a Book of Mormon to these Arabian brother and sister! Sweeettt. But it gets better! We enter the cute ice-cream place and there is Cassie--a girl that works there. She gave us our ice-cream and we started talking to her and she said she just moved here and wants to make friends SO WE INVITED HER TO VOLLEYBALL WITH THE ZONE (best thing evaaa on Mondays!) and she said she was looking for a church to go to. She's super cool! She would go to the YSA elders but still--the spirit led me to ice-cream. Can we just pause for how wonderful that is? Heavenly Father knows and loves me. Official testimony builder on that one.
Awkward story--by the ice-cream place again hahaha (I promise I have only been there one time in my entire life.) It was closed when we thought we should go see Andrea--the one who's mother is a member--but this guy is passing by us and we say hi and he keeps walking. DANG IT. Next thing that pops out of my mouth HEY! ARE YOU WEARING A NORTH FACE COAT? Well that gets his attention! He smiles and says yes and starts walking back while I jump up and down and say twinnerrzzz (1. am i awkward or am i awkward? 2. yes, it has gotten that cold that I've brought out the green fuzzy.) His name is Mark Church and he's a gem! He recently went to Salt Lake and talked to all sorts of missionaries at temple square and really enjoyed it all. Sister Purcell had met him before so total blessing that we saw him again! He was asking lots of questions and was telling his concerns on life and how he wishes he could see his family that had passed away again some day. He was just out walking because he had a lot on his mind and needed to think things out. I love them thinkers! We gave him a Book of Mormon, said a prayer with him, and asked him to read a chapter for us. I'm excited for Mark! It's true--if we just open our mouth the spirit will do the rest Even if it's the most lame thing ever it will work! Yeeehawww!
We went on a field trip at the trail center to different places that the pioneers went to! I love it here! And it is beautiful!
Sister Purcell sang in a lesson for our investigator Jacob. We sang A Child's Prayer and he started crying! We were outside for the lesson and it was freezing but  he says, "That was beautiful. I have goose bumps! and it's not because I'm cold. I feel something good inside me." I don't think it can get more tender than that. I love the Holy Ghost! and I love how it can touch people. Pray that Jacob will read the Book of Mormon and begin to progress! (Live news feed here in council bluffs: OMH JACOB JUST SAT BY ME AT THE LIBRARY. MIRACLES.)
So something that I've started to do is pray every day that I will have the opportunity to share my testimony with someone. And I am being able to share it even more! I love it! Actually during Zone Training I was asked to come bear my testimony to everyone and it was a scary struggle, but it was a neat experience because I kept praying for God's will on what to say. It just helped me see that I've grown a lot and I'm so grateful for my Savior. Then at the Tabernacle we had this huge bus tour come in and the senior couple missionaries asked us to share our testimonies with the two groups and it was just tender. 
Well, this week is transfers! 2 trail center sisters are coming to the mission so I really don't know if I'll be here next week. It makes me so sad but I have learned so much these 6 weeks. I love the trail center. I love the pioneers. My testimony of them has strengthened immensely. I love their faith and their willingness to obey God. I know that as I continue to pray and ask for Heavenly Father's will and not my own, I'll be more happy, loving, a better disciple, everything! It's incredible to realize that Heavenly Father has the story written out and the game plan ready to go. We just need to take the time to ask Him what it is. I love this gospel!

love always,
Sister Case

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