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Fluffy Ball

December 1, 2014

Howdy fambam!
So I'm extra fluffy. I love being a missionary--especially around holidays. We had 3 huge thanksgiving dinners....and I think I prayed like over 100 times during the day that I could finish my food and not throw was ooohhh so good. so good. Our district made the Weston's some turkey gratitude notes and Sister Lelle and I said we would sneakily go deliver them...and we got caught! Next thing I know President is telling me to get a chair from his office and Sister Weston being the gem that she is had us eat some with them. So 1st meal of the day was with President Weston and his family. The man still terrifies me slightly hahaha but I love him so much! He is hilarious when you get to know him and are working with him. Then we had another meal with one of the members of the Cold Springs bishopric and it was so great! I love that family and I learned sooo much from them in that short time together. I just love family. At one point Brother Jeppson said, "I wish I had another son. You would fit in great." Hashtag swoon. But alas, they do not have another ummm I'll find a boy that has a family like theirs to marry into. Love, love, love. And then the traillll cennnttterrrr. And we put on a cute show for the senior couples! Are you allowed to have this much fun as a missionary?
Before Thanksgiving Dinner
Fluffy Balls after Thanksgiving Dinner(s)
Thanksgiving at the Trail Center

*side note. I love how I received 3 thanksgiving cat cards from family members....y'all love me so much. Thank you for supporting me in the cat lady dream haahahaha*

 So I don't know if I told you--but Angelica got wayyyyy deep into anti stuff and basically doesn't want to meet anymore. UGH. But we sneak attacked and set up a time to talk on Sunday so please pray for us!
Oh and is the coolest thing of my life. If anyone has any questions on anything--they've totally gone all out and there's little video clips and pictures and I could play on that thing for hours. My favorite part is the "how does the Book of Mormon and the Bible compare?" and then it lists scriptures from both and lots are not ones in Preach My Gospel so my book is now all colorful and written up everywhere. I'm i love. And it talks about 12 beliefs that we have. Seriously--go check it out. And then ask questions on chat.
So 2 people that we've been working with got the Melchizedek priesthood! And then one of them named Alex went to the temple to take out his endowments! and now he's off in china spreading the good news of the gospel because his work visa is up for a year and then he'll be back!
But he had a tender blessing and the Lord is going to use him to help spread and share the gospel in some way! He wanted us to take him on tour right before. I just love him!!! (speaking of tours THE RASMUSSENS SURPRISED ME. I loved seeing them!)
Oh and miracles. Bishop told us to go try a do not contact--just to see if she still lives there and she does not. BUT BRYAN DOES. He is so great and this hipster guy who has all these questions and wants to learn and understand more. Quite a few times during our lesson last night he was trying to say he wasn't interested in learning more--and then the spirit got him! And he committed to reading the Book of Mormon every day this week for 30 minutes. (actually we just said 5 minutes...and he said he wanted to dig deeper into the book so like umm OKAY.) BUT HE IS SO GREAT. Keep him in your prayers.

Kayla is just as sassy as ever but she's a lot  happier. Boy do I love that gem.
*s/o out Hermana Wheat. I love that gem and she comes home aka like now*
So I'm a happy camper. I love Sister Lelle and I love the power that she has and all that she's teaching me as she's ending her mission. She is just what I needed and such an incredible example to me. I love this gospel. I feel like I'm shedding all these layers and finally becoming what God wants of me. It's incredible and I am so grateful for the atonement. I love each of y'all so much. And I love Nebraska and all of the gems here. It has 100% stolen my heart.
Love always,
Sister Case

Zone Activities

My cute family I came out with

Nasty Green Papers for my travel plans HOME!

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