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December 8, 2014

Howddyyyy!!!! Congrats Amanda! Golly you are just the best! How was y'alls week? I feel like I have 200 things to say!
 Fun stuff of the week: we get to have meetings with the stake presidency and some of the high council and that's so great. I went to Joes Bros cupcakes (won on the food network show or something for cupcake wars) and ehhhh still not as good as Dimples--just in case you were wondering. When we were on exchanges I went with another sister to her area and the Westons had signed up to feed them. Ahhhh. Dinner with President. It was so great! And then he says a few comments about the M word marriage (ps. s/o to Bevan Blake for the fb proposal. #LOVE.) But President and Sister Weston are so incredible and I am so grateful for their example in my life! To all those love seekers out there--here are Sister Weston's 3 most important things when choosing who to marry: 1. Loves God more than you 2. honors his priesthood 3.treats you like a queen. Oh and BEST THING EVER. We had ANOTHER general authority come and speak with us, (just the Trail Center) Elder Evans, and he's like in charge of the missionary program! When he was bearing his testimony he said, I normally don't do this but I feel strongly to bless each of you sisters in this room that you WILL find someone who will take you to the temple to be married and sealed for eternity. IT WAS SO TENDER.  And he talked about how the mission is not the best thing of our lives--it's PREPARING us for the best thing of our lives, which is to have children and help them discover and embrace the gift of Christ. And all 3 general authorities have such powerful testimonies. And when they say, "I KNOW that Christ lives..." golly the spirit in that room. Incredible. It has been such a joy and a privilege to spend some quality time with each of them.

Sister Lelle is leaving me tomorrow. Saddest of all sads. She is such an incredible missionary and I love her to death.
Sister Ringggssss
Underneath the Kanesville Tabernacle
Love you Sis Lelle
Saying Goodbye to Sis Lelle
Sister Vogel is spending the night tonight!!! Soooo pumped.
Saying goodbye to Sis Vogel
Well I almost died this week...again. I went to give these men a "He is the Gift" card and then all of a sudden this one man starts asking for a Bible and getting super close and his eyes....HIS EYES WERE SO SCARY...anywho. I'm alive. He kept saying to come to his car and we were like ummmm no. And then he starts following us and his voice is getting super aggressive and angry and that he is the true God with 6 stars and cows and I have no clue...and that if we were true Mormons we would come to his car. Okay so I like was about to break down and bawl and I was calling someone to come save us....but then an ANGEL CAME. Straight up angel named Mary....this black lady in a shower cap comes out of the apartment complex and starts yelling at him to leave us alone hahahahaha. Best thing of my life. Seriously. And so we start running away...and she calls us back when he leaves and we give her a hug and a "He is the gift" card. She said she's Catholic but said she would watch the video. but she is a true angel in my book.
District December 2014
So there are a few lessons where I totally wish that I was as cool as the district to have them recorded for me...and I feel like every lesson with Kayla is like that. I LOVE HER.  But she has such a special spot in my heart! She is truly one of my dearest friends. When we asked her to come hear us speak in church a few weeks ago we told her to please come--not as these evil missionaries who say you should, but as a friend to support another friend. And I truly meant that. Well we had a lesson with her on Friday and she's telling us the church is only 85% correct and how she has been called by God to fix the 15%...oh boy. Well we start asking her the blessings she has seen by keeping all the commandments and she tells us that she now has a car...that is so great Kayla! How are you using your car to keep commandment #4--keeping the Sabbath day holy and coming to church?.....she just glares at me and yells YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE CASE. Do I love her or do I love that gem?! We talked about how God needs her on His team and that if she's going to fix the people in the church (long story) then she needs to be leading by example. Well ladies and gentlemen, I am here to say that GOD PROVIDES MIRACLES EVERY DAY. B/c on Saturday--Kayla who every time we texted or saw her she would start swearing and yelling that we were wasting our time b/c she would never step foot in the church ever again--texted us asking to literally come to her house and drag her out of bed so she would be up in time for church. I THINK I STARTED CRYING. So yesterday morning, we sang songs and woke up my best friend and she came for all 3 hours of church. Heavenly Father answers prayers. The Book of Mormon works on people. Even if they only read a tiny bit...the spirit will slowly and continually testify. She keeps commitments when we give her reading assignments. She has a big fat drama attitude about it...but she does it. And the spirit is softening her heart. Kayla is one of the most beautiful miracles on my mission. She said she might come to the Christmas party this weekend. KEY WORD MIGHT. where before it was more screaming and swearing and anger. She still has a long way to go--but she has come so far and I love her to death. My greatest desire is to see her in the Celestial Kingdom with Heavenly Father Jesus Christ some day. I will forever work hard so that I can live with them and I will continue to do help Kayla strengthen her testimony FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE if needed.
I'll try to catch you up on everything else next week. I love y'all!!!
Sister Case

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