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November 24, 2014

Howdy!!! Weird. I'm 21. Mother dearest--you realize you were married at my age? Sick. Yeeehawww for the mission life haha! So my birthday was the most magical thing of my entire life. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT MADE IT SO SPECIAL. I felt like there were surprises all day long--aka my favorite. Sister Lelle--side note: did I ever tell you how much of a gem she is?
She's from Connecticut and her name is Kortney Anne Lelle. What a tender soul. I love her to pieces and I'm constantly learning so much from her. She is teaching me all about charity and loving unconditionally.  I am so grateful for her and her incredible example to me!-- So Sister Lelle was so sneaky! Pretty sure I'm a fluffy marshmallow from all the treats she snagged for us haahaha. And randomly at one point in the day she goes, "Sister Case, what is something that you've always wanted to do on your birthday?" So I pondered this for about 5 seconds before answering FINGER PAINTING. (yes, I am a child. It's fine.) Well of course we used the ol' It's Sister Case's birthday! And she would love to have a lesson with you today! trick and we had a lesson with Kayla and for my birthday present she got me a huge finger painting kit. I LOVE KAYLA. And a brownie...that Sister Lelle smelt before hand for me hahahaahahaha. I am too loved. and s/o to Sister Woodfield for the incredible cake toppers! Everyone was obsessed and wants to display them at the gingerbread festival

. Would that be okay? I could go on and on and on about how wonderful of a day it was. I am too loved. So thank you so much.
This is the most incredible woman in the world.  Sister Christine Bates is like the Nebraska Omaha Mission's own personal angel.  She made a special trip to the Trail Center with some of her friends and put the cake together, sang Happy Birthday and just made the day Perfect. 
The funnies of my life: This less active that we just met and he's a gem--ya well I found out that he went to school with Calvin Rock. ha. ha. ha. This world is just too small at times. And we accidentally showed a little 5 yr old and his son the wrong Mormon message that they wanted...the dad wanted a video on truth and so from the ones in the box that we have, we clicked on one thinking it was about truth...nope. it was about this women that couldn't have any more kids and she just kept repeating over and over (it seemed like) that they kept trying for 7 years to have more children...but she learned to trust in the Lord. I'm sure the father was just so happy with us....these are struggles that I deal with at the Trail Center. Oh and ysa lessons in Sunday school lately are all about family and preparing and ladeedaaa...constantly this month. It's a crack up but I love it.
OKAY CHRISTMAS. The church is incredible and has been planning this "He is the Gift" event so get ready! It will be in the December ensign and each one will have 9 pass along cards for you to give to help others draw closer to the Savior this Christmas season. And there will be billboards with it and the church is buying the advertisement for YouTube. It's great! and the videos and messages are so tender. Everyone needs the Savior in their life and Christmas is a great time to help people feel loved and included and remind people what this life is all about. So everyone get your missionary game face on!
Elder Martino came and gave the leaders of the mission a training and it was soooo good. He wanted me to tell President Blake that he says Howdy! He talked about how member present lessons in members homes is so important. So it's a smidge of a struggle for us in YSA but hey, it can and will happen! So please be offering up your home for missionaries to teach in so that the lessons can go better because the spirit is already there! He talked lots on how it isn't the missionaries that help people, it's the members. He related it to Alma and Amulek. Alma was the missionary, but Amulek was the member present who "astonished" those they were teaching b/c Amulek knew the people and already had this great relationship and they trusted Amulek and he was able to testify b/c he had been in their shoes and he could now testify of how the gospel had blessed his life! (Alma 8-10)
Sister Dumont and I sang at the training that Elder Martino was at--on Nov 22nd. aka our BFF day to one of bff songs. Heavenly Father is so mindful of us and I love him. We promise to perform it live for you one day :)
I've been trying to know my Savior more and more throughout my mission. I will always be working on it, but this week I was able to see the progression that I've made and how I love Jesus Christ more than ever before. I am so grateful for the atonement and his perfect example. I love thanksgiving and the reminder it brings of all the little things that I am grateful for as well. And can I just say how much I love the scriptures? The peace the Book of Mormon and the Bible bring me every single time I read them, just constantly reaffirm to me that they are true. And I will continue to do all I can to help others know of this gospel and the peace and joy it can bring them as well. I love being a missionary! And I love Nebraska and all the love and miracles in my life.
have such a great thanksgiving! have an attitude of gratitude.
love you!
Sister Case


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