Monday, November 18, 2013

All is Well

November 4, 2013
Howdy ho family-o! How are y'all? I got the pictures and fatty letters so thank you so much! I love being updated on life. When does Elder Petty go home? Isn't it like any day now? I'm so happy you're taking care of them. AND OMH MOM I FREAKED WHEN YOU SAID YOU SAW TREVOR. TREVOR JOHNSON I LOVE YOU. AND I JAM TO COME COME YE SAINTS ON THE DAILY TO HEAR YOUR ANGELIC VOICE. Okay...I got it out of my system...Oh and it's NOVEMBER aka the best month of the year aka my birthday month and therefore I just love life.
Random facts (S/o to Bevan Blake) for the week:
-When there is a Husker game, THE WHOLE STATE OF NEBRASKA will be wearing something red or school related. NO joke. I LOVE it. Like stores are completely empty and everyone stops what they're doing. A few weeks ago we were supposed to help this lady move out--because the next day she would be in serious trouble if she wasn't--and she didn't care to do anything until the game was over! And you know how we will sometimes get little flowers on our nails? Ya. NO. People here get N's on their nails. Hahahaha I love love LOVE Nebraska!
-There 22,222 people in Columbus. Like am I meant to be here or am I meant to be here?
-When it's lightening, the whole sky lights up and it's incredible. I could watch it forever and always.
I also love S. Dumont. We're besties for the resties.  I'm 100% myself around her and she's helping me see how to be a better me overall. Like a better version of Carly when it's time to head home. I know I've only been out 2 months and that stuff seems silly to think about, but when I do unfortunately (love ya!) have to come home, I know I'll have a better understanding of how to be Carly and still be a missionary. That probably makes no sense..but hakuana matata I understand it in my noggin.
I'm SO thankful that for my 1st area, Sister V and I had to BOTH start fresh and work together to make relationships in the ward. WE were the 1st sisters in Sioux City 2nd either ever or in a verrrryyyyyyy long time so it was a blast getting to know everyone. It's super hard getting to know people when your companion already knows everyone and people are constantly saying "Where's Sister Gomez?" I don't know I would have handled it being brand new. But I'm slowly gaining realationships with our investigators and the ward and this week i'm  going to try my hardest to love the people and be besties with everyone.
We had zone conference this week! 7 hours of perfection. Something I've been struggling with is having meaningful prayers and President Weston's training was ALL about that. Goodness I just love him. AND OMH I SAW SISTER HARRIS AND WE BOTH BURST INTO TEARS AT OUR REUNION. Why has the Lord blessed me with best friend status companions? I'm SO lucky.

I learned that I need to be more bold! If Heavenly Father puts things into my head, then by golly I need to say them! Steppin up my A+ game this week. I need to #NIKE constantly. I need to trust in the faith that I have and my testimony and go with it. A mission is truly the best thing ever because you're learning and growing and becoming a better YOU!  Like, I AM LIVING MY DREAM RIGHT NOW. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This is sooo true--"the things I'm learning on my mission would have taken me a lifetime to learn on my own." In this new book we have--Adjusting to Missionary Life--it says, "You will develop the skills, gifts, and strengths, you need MORE QUICKLY. You will feel His help and grow in confidence in your ability to serve the Lord."
 Stake conference was the bomb and all about members and missionaries. It was out in Lincoln so roaddddtrippppp. We stayed at the sisters house and THE MEMBERS NAME IS BOB CATS. Like serious s/o to his parents. The whole house was covered in cats and I was dying. But just so you know...the mission has helped me see that all I want is 1 teacup kitty. Like this lady in Sioux City had over 30 cats and was taken out of the house because it wasn't safe or um ya. I guess I won't be toooo crazy of a catlady. Just one little kitty to stay in my frocket all the days of my life.
We set 3 people for baptism this week! Ahhhh I'm just so happy for them and the choices that they're making to return to our loving Heavenly Father.
I say love sooo much....but it's true. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I love y'all!
xoxoxo forever and always,
Sister Case

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