Thursday, November 14, 2013

I loovvveee tooooo seeee the temple!

October 28, 2013
Howdddyyy fambam! Mother Dearest, I got your Halloween package and you're the bee's knees. You are  da besssstttt. Oh and the handy dandy cookbook and pepper spray! You're saving my life really. Best mom award goes to you. Obvi. What's this week's scripture? HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY ZACHARY SIEGRIST AND HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY DADDDDYYY!!!! LOVVVVEEE YOUUUU.

So I forgot to tell you this...but the week before transfers I FOUND A QDOBA. Did I cry? It's quite possible. Sister V ate her burrito with a knife and fork...I shall be Christlike and not judge her. BUT OMH MY STEAK QUESO BURRITO WAS PERFECTION. The best tender mercy from Heavenly Father.
This past week my testimony was a little shaky and being a missionary can be hard because you just see all these flaws that continually get slapped in your face and 18 months isn't even going to fix 1/2 of them...but baby steps, setting goals, and the Atonement all helps. I may or may not have had a "minor" breakdown in the car after a lesson. We were watching "Finding Faith in Christ" and I just felt so far away from my older Brother and that's something I'm really going to work on. I want a better relationship with Him. At the MTC one of my teachers told me that I know OF Christ, but I don't KNOW him. *slap* but I needed to hear that. Jesus Christ and I will be besties before I come home!
BEST MOMENT OF MY LYFE. S. Dumont and I couldn't figure out the quote to "Say it...OUTLOUD." And it was KILLING us. So last Monday night in my prayers I jokingly asked Heavenly Father to help me remember where it was thing I know the name of the movie pops into my head! Like whatttttt? It showed me that He was really there listening to me and cares about me and will answer prayers. He is so busy controlling everything yet He still took the time to answer my silly question about a movie. I was in awe! I just blurted out HEAVENLY FATHER YOU'RE THE BEST! Because he truly is! It also made me start wondering about my prayers. He's listening, but is He listening to sincere prayers or random sleepy ones?
"You're not going to get a million dollar answer with a ten-cent prayer."
I want to give the Lord million dollar prayers because He deserves them and He wants to help me, but first I have to be sincere.
My 1st district meeting in Columbus was grand. 3 sets of sisters (one is brand new and one is S. Willis from the MTC) and 3 sets of elders (the 2 in my branch and our zone leaders).  Oh and I love cleaning and organizing now. (It might just be one of those missionary powers mom...don't get too excited) but I love helping and serving others! Plus it's inside service so even bettttteerrrr. I went to a play on Saturday...that was fun. And omh we had dinner with a family and the woman's roommate was from Texas and she hated her and was going crazy on me! It was felt like Uncle Gregory fun. Even her husband was like "I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS SIDE OF YOU BEFORE. TAKE IT EASY."  She's just jealous, that's all.  Oh and Sister. V called yesterday...and I broke down bawling hearing her voice and chatting with her. I guess I'm just in love with her.
We met with the Cerna fambam--members--and I just had to cry at their home. (sheeeesh. this week was emotional or was it emotional. just feelin' the spirit. don't mind me.) The spirit is SO strong there. They are very poor and SO humble and yet they fed us and waited until we were done--like they didn't eat with us--and they think missionaries are perfect and treat us like celebs and share everything even when it's all they have. The wife was so happy to talk to us and tell us her problems and find out we were her Visiting Teaching companion. We went to go teach them and instead they taught us. I want to be as humble and loving as the Cerna family. It was a beautiful experience.
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. When we were teaching Val I kept praying that as long as I didn't plan out what to say that the Spirit would take the wheel and help guide me. At one point I said, "Even when we feel that our faith is struggling, as long as we continue to endure to the end, then our faith will be reaffirmed." So sometimes ENDURING TO THE END is like the trial of our faith and we will receive answers at the end of the rainbow. Do your best and Heavenly Father will do the rest! It was a great lesson for a bunch of things!
Friday we got to go to the temple!!!!!!! Crying tears of joy 5 times basically. Can I just get married in the Omaha temple? Oh and the Nauvoo one? Oh and Salt Lake? Oh and Manti? Oh and am I getting married?  Ya...forgot about that tiny detail. But it was SO good. (so good, so good.) Being in the celestial room FULL of missionaries is the coolest thing ever. Just a room full of 19-21 yr olds all trying their hardest to be like Christ. It was like a recharge for us to want to work harder so everyone can be where we were at that moment. Prez and Sister Weston talked to me and gave me loves and omh I just LOVE THEM. It made me think of my own Mama and Papa Case and going with y'all!  It was tender. I looked in the mirror for a split second and I immediately felt God's love for me and right then and there knew that I was BEAUTIFUL and I was reaffirmed that I am truly a daughter of God and that He loves me. I just love the temple!
It was a great week and Sister Dumont and I were THE TOP missionaries out of our whole zone! Rachel Berry gold star for us. Goodness I just love it here. Goooooo Huskersssss!
I love y'all sooooo muchhhhh! xoxoxo
Sister Case

I love leaves in Columbus.

Halloween with Sister Dumont.

We switched name tags so for Halloween I went as "Sister Dumont"

Those crazy Sisters at Trunk or Treat

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