Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Day as a Teenager

November 18, 2013
Howdy! I'm 20 tomorrow? Can you say mid-life mid-life crisis? Best mom in the entire world! Oh and I might have burst into tears when I saw the Dimples cupcakes....and THANK YOU SO MUCH SISTER WOODFIELD FOR THE CUPCAKE TOPPERS! Goodness Marie thank you so much to everyone!

Confession session: I love S. Dumont oh so much. Like we bought bff necklaces...but they're sister ones...that say "sisters forever." Funny thing, I cry like once a day now. Mother and Aubree, y'all did this to me. Mostly it's because S Dumont and I break down crying telling each other how much we love each other. Elder Tatafu gave us this amazing mix cd and told us that "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2 is our song. Stop and go listen to it now! Think of it in a sister missionary kind of way. We listen to it each night on the way home. Another confession: We love the church movie Together Forever. I cry every time I watch it...which is at least once a day basically. Funny story--we were going to teach someone about the Plan of Salvation and saw the movie in our shelf and thought we should watch it to see if it would work with our lesson...which lead to an hour of watching and bawling our eyes out. We really bonded though and talked about our families and experiences...oh and how much we love each other. She's truly my best friend.
Sureee I'll confess some more. Zone Training ride home--both bawled our eyes out. I had a role play with S. Shrader about why I came out on a mission and why I'm still here and she helped me realize that Satan has been getting into my head. Like I always think I'm a terrible teacher and I can't get through to anyone and Satan has been beating me up pretty darn bad. We did another role play and I broke down again. I've been feeling soooo inadequate. I later committed to S Shrader that I would look myself in the mirror and tell myself what I'm good at and then pray to Heavenly Father to feel the love that He has for me. I was really scared to do that because I didn't want to be disappointed if He didn't answer me. He still hasn't yet but I have the faith that He will in His own time. He hold the perfect timing for everything. I did receive in my prayer that as I love others more, I'll feel His love for me. I'm constantly praying during lessons to see other's potential and to love them. I'm working on it. S Dumont said I need to figure out how Heavenly Father speaks to ME. I got a blessing last night too. I know everything will be okay.
Oh so I'm living the state side mish lyfe and do nails with investigators. That was fun. Way better than walking through some jungles. Oh and (Hanson Blake, I'm all capsing for you) PRESIDENT WESTON GAVE S DUMONT AND I A S/O IN THE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE CALL AND TOLD EVERYONE WE'RE DOING AMAZING. So I guess we're doing something right..
One of our investigators prayed like this, "Hey you, it's me, Melissa. Thanks for letting the sister missionaries come chill with me..." I was smiling the whole time.
We went to the Trail Center with GJet and her 2 kids. Between Together Forever and the family movie at the Trail Center, I've been thinking about y'all and how much I love my family! I love this gospel and the knowledge that we have that we can truly be together forever after this life. I'm so grateful that y'all, mother dearest and daddy, we're married in the temple and sealed. The mission has helped me see that family really is everything and I wouldn't give that up for the world.

Sister Case

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