Monday, November 18, 2013

Still Kickin'

November 11, 2013
Howdy fambam! OH MY HEART HOW WAS THE STATE MEET?! I was praying for you Mandomo! Today I am wearing purple BECAUSE IT IS S. DUMONT'S 1/2 BIRTHDAY SO NATURALLY I HAVE TO WEAR HER FAV COLOR. Oh and it's 30 degrees and currently feels like 15 so the fact that I'm alive right now is a big hollerz to me.
Yes I walk around like this, people judge, it's fine.  At least I have a sheep on my head.
 Elder Petty is home now?! Snaps to him! Mom, the lady who texted you is Kari Spicer and she is my bestie. She's 27, married to her lover, seved her mission in Boston, violin beast...basically perfect. and omh she found out my birthday is next week (eeeeekkkk!) and is having us over to celebrate! How tender is she? Lolz we went over yesterday for S. Dumont's almost 1/2 bday and 4 month mission bday and it was a ball. She's a sorority girl who loves owls and birthdays so naturally we're besties for the (s/o to bevan blake) resties.
Randoms of the week:
1. The new way to say you're tired is: "I'm feelin' jiggity!" Or at least that's what a 3 yr old told me
2. Once upon a time there was this thing called transfers and I was called to serve in Comubus with my oh so special companion S. Dumont. On transfer day, we switched cars with some elders and went on our merry way to cute Columbus. Well I had to write the license plate # down for something and GUESS. WHAT. IT. WAS. My car's license is THP. Like how in the world does that happen?! And we got this car when I got here! Out of alllll the letters those 3 just happened to be put together. AND THEY'RE IN GREEN. Initials and favorite color all in one...rage. Heavenly Father thinks he is soooooo funny....
3.Apparently everyone in Sioux City always asks, "Where's Sister Y'all?" Too tender or what?
3. I got a letter from one of the young women in Sioux City and it melted my heart! And Sister Gbogbo gave some of her special banana bread  to Sister Vogel  to give to me.  I LOVE MY SIOUX CITY PEEPS.
4. Some random person asked if S Dumont and I were best friends? um DUH. Glad people notice our love fest for each other.
4.The members we live with just got some serious
Okay don't freak out. (That's never a good way to start anything....) This past Friday was interesting...? Like I now feel like an official missionary because I had near death experience! Mom, calm down. We were going to an apt with our investigators--lets call them Jennifer and James--and we were supposed to have dinner and teach them the Plan of Salvation with our cute pirate stuff and we called and reminded them Thursday night. We get there and James answers the door..."Is Jennifer here?" "Ya she's upstairs." *hesitant for a moment* "Well come on in and sit down!" (James got super offended last time when we said we couldn't go in because Jen wasn't home and we felt like we shouldn't upset him..) We started talking to James and he's just not being  himself and we thought Jen was going to come down any second. They love us! They call us their kids. He goes "you never talk about your Ma or Pa." So we started pulling out books and telling stories...and then he tells us he's drunk. Alone with a drunk man...greattttt. Then we hear this knock at the door but no one is there. "Come on in Mary!" Oh ps--Mary is Jens dead sister....and later we heard a knock at the door again and James goes "By Mary!" So um drunk people talk to ghosts? Either way you can cue the twilight zone music. We needed to leave but the spirit was telling us to remain calm and not make any sudden movements. He shows us a slide picture of his little sister so we go up to the lamp and look at it. He starts telling us how his sister's husband was murdered a few weeks ago and he's super upset about it. On the way back to the couch I notice this HUGE pocket knife near my foot. like HUGE. James didn't do anything but he told us some stuff and then AGGRESSIVELY PICKS UP THE GUN ON THE COFFEE TABLE AND COCKS IT....SO NOW WE ARE WITH A DRUNK MAN WITH A KNIFE AND A LOADED GUN...and he throws it back on the table. Okay now I'm sweating and my heart is about to pound out of my chest! He keeps talking to us and takes S. Dumont's hand and is just rubbing it and they're just looking at each other and she's telling him that he's a child of God and stuff and I kid you not I had the thought come to me that I would take a bullet for S Dumont because well--that's how intense it was and it felt like he was going to pick up his gun at any moment. Somehow how I muster up the courage and say we have another appt we need to go to and then HE says the prayer and watches us walk to our car. He keeps saying "call your ma and pa and let them know you love them." We get in the car, drive off, and then pull to the side of the street and just bawl for a smidge. I have never said so many prayers than I did during that 40 minute scare fest. I couldn't stop shaking for a solid hour. BUT ALL IS WELL AND WE PROMISE TO NEVER GO THERE EVER AGAIN. Oh is Jen dead?...that thought came to both our of minds...but I was eyeing my pepper spray! EVERYONE SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE PEPPER SPRAY! Anywhooo I love y'all and love every day that I get to breathe and live. So yeehaw to that.

  On a funny note--we got hit on by a 70 yr old man. We're trying our hardest to talk to 10 people a day about the gospel and it's HARD. Yesterday we talked to 5 in an hour which we were super proud of. I always think back to when we had that stake mission prep conference,  when I got home and my advisor said "embrace the awkwardness!" So now I just try and think of that whenever I go up to someone. Anywho--we talk to Adolf this old man who's fishing and we ask if we can leave him a card with our number. He said the only way he would call us is if we wanted to have some fun after midnight...sadly our bedtime is at 10:30 so we had to decline...Sorry A!

I'm almost out of time but I'll tell you all about our investigators next week and they are true gems. Goodness I love em'!
But always been an example and share the gospel with everyone! When trying to talk to 10 people  this week--we met a man who gave us $5 to go buy some hot chocolate. He told us he had Mormon friends growing up that we're great people so he totally respects us missionaries and the work we're doing. He was interested but he respected us and sometimes that's all it takes. So be an example and maybe one day one of your friends might run into some missionaries and who knows! Keep planting seeds everywhere you go!
I loovvvveeeee being a missionary! I lovvveeee Nebraska. I lovvveee this gospel. and I lovvveeee y'all!
Eat a cupcake for me! xoxoxo
Love Always,
Sister Case

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