Saturday, December 28, 2013


December 16, 2013

Howdy! So S. Dumont and I are homeless and just move all around Nebraska...the Peschke's didn't want us to stay at their house while on now we live with the Branch President and it takes 45 minutes one way to get to town or his house. And then we're moving to the Spicer's while they are out of town. I honestly have no idea how skypeness will work...have it on and ready to go around 2ish? to um 5ish? Somewhere around there. Woof. I have no idea.

Funny story--we got straight up lost in a cornfield trying to get home on off roading and corn and a deer...gotta love Nebraska.

For all that love me--help me when I get home because I won't know how to talk to people...we're not allowed to text or call elders anymore. If we need to talk to them we call someone from the branch to tell them the message. It's confusing. Good thing I love my sistas.

These less actives we were visiting told me that their dog was I started waving at it? Sister Dumont won't let me live it down. Oh and I think I've seen too many scary movies. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just picturing a movie or if the spirit is the one letting me know to leave....ya I'll work on figuring that one out.

GJET IS GOING TO CHURCH!!!! I AM SO HAPPY. SHE PINKY PROMISED US AND THAT IS SERIOUS STUFF TO HER. Omh so happy. Like she still only believes in the 9 commandments... So we will work on that one...but goll I just love her so much! We had 5 less actives come to church on Sunday and it was wonderful! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND SEEING PEOPLES TESTIMONIES GROW AND THE RELATIONSHIPS WE GAIN AND IT'S JUST MAGICAL. It really truly is. Like Kayla Inks--I would be straight up terrified to go over there at first but now we're buds. We  joke around and she says love you back to us and she knows how important the sacrament is and I love her so much that my heart wants to just jump around inside me. Missions are the best thing ever. #NIKE.

So sad though when people don't want the gospel anymore! Cheryl and Wayne told us not to come back anymore because they were too busy.  Bubba and Val didn't get baptized on Friday because they won't come to church!  But it's all in Heavenly Father's timing so I'll keep waiting and working!

Zone Training was amazinnnggg as always. S/o to Elder Tanner Daines. You truly don't have to be who you were yesterday because of the atonement and the ability we all have to create ourselves into who we want. Let Christ mold you into who He knows you can become! "Stop suffering over who you are and find joy in becoming like Heavenly Father!"

I love being on a mission. I love learning so much about myself and others. I love the atonement. I love working on myself every day. I love learning how to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. I love Christmas. I love y'all. I love technology.

My heart is so happy!



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