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December 2, 2013

HOWDY! Goodness I can't believe it's already December! Are you excited or are you excited to see me? How are y'all? Break a leg this week! Okay confessions session. MOTHER DEAREST. There is this fambam that used to live here in Columbus--Couch family--and they came here for Thanksgiving and oh my heart the mom reminded me SO much of you. Like I met her twice and we were instant best friends. On Sunday I gave her a hug and burst into tears (there I go with the crying again) as I told her she reminds me of you and that I really miss you and love you so much. She gave me a good ol' mommy hug.
We decorated a Christmas tree with a less active! I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Her name is Shirley. She's super cute! Her husband is super catholic and they get in arguments over religion, so it's easier for her not to come to church so they won't fight. However,  he really likes us and the whole fambam is coming to the Christmas party this week! *side note---when we were decorating she had on a Christmas music station on her TV and was about love or kissing under the mistletoe. Like hellllooooo can I listen to some songs about Jesus please? Goodness. The world these days. :)
So yes, S.Dumont and I have another beautiful transfer together and we are SO happy. We get to spend Christmas and New Years together! Elder Tatatfu left though :( So sad. All of  our investigators and some people from the branch had been praying that we would stay. It was the swwwweettttteeessstttt thing to find out. We are so loved!
Peace out Elder Tatatfu.
Random thought: living with members is sometimes extra nice...especially when you scream and Brother Pescke will come save the day and kill a spider for you.
TANYA IS GETTING BAPTIZED. She's set for 12/28/13! Hopefully it all works out! We also  taught her son Troy, and now he's reading the Book of Mormon! He's my age and seems really nice. We invited all of them (Tanya, Troy, and Tara)  the other two said they would continue to think and pray about it. Like Tara WILL be a member one day. She read the WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON IN 4 DAYS. Plus she has relatives that are Mormon and she said she felt her grandma with her as she read. I'll keep praying for that cutie. Oh and Barb is the sweetest! She's in her 60s, on oxygen, and knows she's about to die, and she chugs beer like no other while we teach. But I swear S. Dumont, Barb, and I were all friends in heaven. She's a special little lady. She keeps asking "where will I go when I die." We talk about it but she has terrible memory. She even told us (our 2nd time meeting with her) that she wants us by her when it's time for her to go. I love her sooo much!
Thanksgiving was super fun! We ran the Columbus Turkey Trot with the Spicers and President Lindquist.
Columbus Turkey Trot
Then we went to cheer at the Turkey Bowl and Pres. Lindquist wanted us to play and this was our convo:
"Sister come play!"
"We can't touch boys!"
"The last sisters we had here played." (the last sisters in Columbus were here 7 years ago. Columbus was just reopened up to sisters in May.)
"Were they disobedient sisters?"
"...Well I'm not sure...but I"ll have my blinders on today."
The silly goose. In the end, the Melchizedek priesthood won. Things broken: glasses, finger, nose. Injured: everything. The old men showed no mercy.
District 4
Thanksgiving "Before"
Thanksgiving "After"
Today we made flowers and bows for our hair. (state side swag.) and S/O to Louis Hale the 3rd because OF COURSE I burnt my finger and I don't even know what happened because I started going in a daze. That thing hates me.
Oh and Hermana Wilysnn Wheat. I love you.
Vicki bore her testimony yesterday! It was the sweetest thing ever. I love when we work and work and work with less actives and they start coming back and seeing her testimony bloom has been incredible to watch. She's even been considering going on a mission. Her and Miguel! (he was baptized in September) They were both there when we talked about it and they both said they would really pray about it. It just made me think of how grateful I am to be on a mission and to be here in Columbus to help encourage others to share the gospel and bring souls to Christ. I love it out here! I am so blessed and I couldn't be happier. I'm learning so much and so thankful for privilege that I have to be a representative a Jesus Christ.
I LOVE Y'ALL. See ya soon. xoxoxo.
Sister Case

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