Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let it Sn**, Let it Sno* LET IT SNOW

December 9, 2013
Howdy. Unfortunately you read that right....I LIVE IN ANTARCTICA AND I AM ALIVE SOMEHOW. If Heavenly Father believes I can do it....then okay then..duh...I can do it. I had a fatty pep talk with myself before I said it...but I now say, "I LOVE SNOW." Secretly I gag...but I must love I do. WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH MUSICAL? I'M SO SAD FOR Y'ALL. And lol at the hot tub pics. Dying. The wind here is insane. It straight up stabs you at times. We'll be outside for something and it's so cold that it takes your breathe away for a smidge. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm a weirdo because I just smile the whole time I'm outside and giggle when the wind attacks. Like what else am I supposed to do? Scowl? Um. NO. I'm trying to make the best of my little tundra and be a happy, loving, missionary! Here we go!
Our new district is all sisters! Well except the DL and his companion. But how fun is that! Granted...we're the only sisters in our zone but it is still great! Oh and apparently when elders and sisters describe me to others to see if they know me they say, "She's the 'oh my heart' sister!" HAHAHAHAHA I love it. So good. (so good, so good.) Oh and mother dearest--S. Dumont and I LOVE THE ADVENT CALENDARS. #bestmissionarymom you're perfect.
So my dear sweet companion told me something about Troy (Tayna's son that's my age) So apparently his Mary Jane hat isn't because he likes the singer....and he doesn't like St. Patricks Day and have 4 leaf clover earrings...yup...I'm still ol' innocent me. S. Dumont died laughing when she told me it was about marijuana...we'll have to work on that one with him...
Our Branch Christmas party was this weekend and 5 of the people we teach came! and OMH 3 investigators and 5 less actives came to church!
Our lesson in RS was so good! (so good, so good) At one point the question was, "How can we have fun but still have the Holy Ghost with us?" And Sister Reeves goes, "well, ask Sister Case that one. She's always laughing but I know she has the Spirit with her." That was so tender to me! I really thought about that and it is true. I love to have fun but can still be a representative of Jesus Christ AND WE ALL CAN. We can be in the world but not of the world. You can still go to a school dance and have a great time with  people you know you can trust to be clean and well behaved as well. You can go and find and wear a modest dress. (You'll stick out like a sore thumb--but even better!) Let people know you're a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that you have a testimony on modesty and sticking to your standards at all times and in all things and in all places. Show them that you won't lower your standards for a silly dance. Show people that you can be funny without being crude. Show them that you can hold a conversation without swearing or taking the Lord's name in vain. We can't be reserved people. Be out there! Shine! Let others see the joy that this gospel can bring. Hold to your standards, be an example, be an odd ball. Show people that you can make the gospel livable. Show them that they can still function with their everyday lives by having the gospel AND that it makes your life so much better! Before we can even begin teaching, we must lead by example. 1st impressions do matter--and I want people to see me as someone that's positive, silly, AND a representative of Jesus Christ. Just be yourself as you share your testimony through your example.
Love always,
Sister Case
A few more pics from the Turkey Trot

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