Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DQ Blizzards should be 1/2 off when there's one outside

February 10, 2014

Howdy fambam! Tell me stories. What's new? How are the Olympics? SINCE NO ONE TOLD ME. Where are they anyways? What's this show called Downtown Abbey that every human is obsessed with over here?
THE SPICERS ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL. Daddy Spicer says he needs to put Papa Case on speed dial b/c we joke that he's going to have all girls. Yeeeehawwww
                  College Sweats with Mamma Spicer
There was a blizzard here this week. Okay not really....whenever little white monsters...I mean snowflakes...fall from the sky I call it a blizzard. But it did snow so much that our cars were grounded for almost 2 days! Talk about stress to the fulllll but thankfully some of our lovely members saved the day.
Missionary Snow Angels
 JOAN WAS BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!! It was such an oh happy day! Joan's been taught since sisters first came here-- in may--and has had some serious baby steps. But it's been incredible to watch her grow and take the leap of faith to be baptized! I remember when we watched The Testaments with her and afterwards we had this amazing lesson and it was just what she needed, to help her move forward. I wish I could truly describe all the little things that led to her big day, but since I can't--just know that missionary work is incredible and I love it out here! I'm so thankful that I'm able to see so many miracles each and every day :)
 I had to train at district meeting again. I talked mostly on how the restoration is the foundation of our testimonies and that we need to share personal experiences with others more. Sister Weilding said--Joseph Smith shared his personal experience with others and now look at where the church is. All because he had the courage to speak up and share! Boom. (ps. there are now 4 sets of sisters in our cute district. #takingover) We can all share experiences and testimony builders with those around us EVERY DAY! Every member is a missionary! So before you walk out the door, don't forget your smile, testimony, and some courage, and you can do anything!
 We had interviews with President and golly do I just love him! One of my yearly goals is to be buckets more charitable b/c well I'm not.  So I'm really working on it! I'm so grateful for the atonement so I can start over each day to be a little better. Sister Schrader helped me out with something. "Sister Case, say that your husband has this super horrid mother-in-law but he loves her sooo much! What will you do? Well I'll love my husband so if he loves her...then I love her. Well then do you love your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? Yes. Then you love *insert humans* because your Heavenly Father loves them and He sees all these amazing qualities about them." She's great. Obviously.
 Okay sooo funny. At interviews the Zone Leaders forgot to bring food but I had this box full of candy that I've been trying to get rid of so that was easy. and I brought in some of Mom's bar cookies  to share with everyone and all the elders freak out and say nooo because that's holy food and you can't eat that--but the zone leaders are like "i'm going in." and take off their shoes in order to eat the bars. Funny moment of the week. Oh and the Zone Leaders said that Sister Dumont and I have some of the best numbers in the zone and to keep up the great work! Yay to hard work. Well it's fun work. So whatever you call missionary work. Oh and people are still being boooo bears....to the point where I swear someone will start driving by us and throw tomatoes at us... but oh well. I love it :) Bring on the prepared people in Columbus!
Sylvia and Emily are still MIA. We'll keep trying. The Apple's little girl--Caylyn--had her 3rd birthday and wanted their favorite missionaries to come over :)
 I just love it out here and the cold and everything BECAUSE I'M A MISSIONARY.
I love y'all! xoxo
Sister Case

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