Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#endure the burrrrr

February 3, 2014
Howdy fambam! Anything fun happen this week? That is so great to hear about Megan! Congrats Cuz! I would like pics of her and Brody  and engagements of humans like BB and others!
I never realized how important visiting teaching is! Aka sorry s/o to my 3200 Taylor Hall girls....woof. But the branch is beginning to see the vision of it all and they're really starting to be great missionaries to everyone!
GJET. Miracle. We went and knocked on her door and she wasn't home...so now we're just standing at her door while planning our next move of attack when that gem and her kids walk into the apartment building. (cue angles singing) They tell us that they're going to the park to feed ducks and anyone who is anyone knows that that is my FAVORITE thing to do so naturally we go with. We had a really great lesson with her while her kids played at the park...with peter...hahahaha okay I'm just funny...We were super bold but backed it up with love. She might even let us teach Mav and Felecia (9 & 11) I think she knows that she will one day become a member but she doesn't want to change everything yet. But hey, those little baby steps still help you reach your destination. She even texted us one night saying that she was reading the Book of Mormon. Yeeeeeehhhaawwwwww.
The super bowl ruins missionaries lives...we texted like the WHOLE town and only one family let us come over for a smidge so we did weekly planning during the game. I will always still cheer on my patriots....hahahahahaha. and OMH Bruno Mars? Of course it was someone perfect the year I'm gone. Rude.
I've never had so many doors slammed in my face before! Like one boy even screamed when he opened the door. Rude. But I know that there are prepared people out there! Heavenly Father will lead the way and it will be grand.
I love y'all soooo much! Happy early birthday Amanda-mo. xoxoxoxo
Sister Case

Sister Schrader
Surprise Party for Tanya
Huskers LOL

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