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February 24, 2014

HOWDY FAMLIA! How are ya? OMH Carrollton 4th? That's incredible! Yee to the haw. Mother dearest--THOSE PDAY SHIRTS ARE AMAZING. I love em! Thank you!
Drum roll pleaseee.......I'm still in Columbus....WITH SISTER VOGEL. AGAIN. Like hangin' with the trainer in Sioux City status all over again! Crazy! And like apparently President puts sisters with me to see if they can handle me...and if they can,  then they can obviously handle the sisters in the rest of the mission and then they become sister training leaders!  :) Happened with Sister Vogel and now with Sister Dumont! She's going to be incredible! Golly she's gong to be great! Like am I crying in the library right now? It's quite possible...I just love her so much! She was an incredible companion and taught me how to love: myself, others, Heavenly Father. AND SO MUCH MORE. When I 1st got on my mission there were these 2 sisters who were bawling because they were getting new companions and I remember telling myself that I hoped I would find someone like that where it was so hard to say 'see ya later' to and it happened :) She will always have a special place in my heart! She's going to be amazing in Kearney! And omh Sister Vogel is just the best! We've just picked up right where we left off and I'm oh so happy! Both of us have only served in 2 places--Sioux City and Columbus. And since she was a Sister Training Leader and came on exchanges she already knows a bunch of the members and investigators and there are so many miracles that I have seen in the past 3 days! I'm also really having to rely on my Savior even more and I'm loving it! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Ya...I'll never stop saying that one.
Final Pic with Sister Dumont.
Back together again with Sister Vogel.
This week I was reading "Do We Know What We Have?"--Carole M. Stephens in Oct 2013 General Conference and I loveeed it. We all NEED baptism. the gift of the Holy Ghost. temple endowment. sealing ordinance. sacrament. PRIESTHOOD. (golly we're annoying/needy humans...good thing our Heavenly Father loves EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.) It's through the priesthood that we can have these incredible gifts that we NEED to help us each day and to be able to return to our Heavenly Father. The priesthood is incredible! Worthy men can act in the place of God and be instruments in His hands to help His Children and help move His work along and to help us have the desire to become like Heavenly Father. HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING and is constantly helping us to reach our potential. It's through the priesthood that it's all possible! So aka I will ONLY marry a man who honors his priesthood. #1 on the list now...(I guess smelling good doesn't matter as much....) I'm so very thankful for the wonderful examples in my life that have honored their priesthood. I love y'all!
I can't wait for all the many miracles that will come this week! I love this gospel!
Have a great week and smillleee and be an example! xoxoxo
Sister Case
Brother Vavra

I must have one of these someday.

Columbus Fambam

Mamma Spicer and her baby girl

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