Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Golden Rule

April 7, 2014

Howdy fambam! Sister Vogel  and I are staying! aka at the end of this transfer I will have been in Columbus for 7 1/2 months! Crazy right?! Time is flllyyyinnnggg by.
I trained this past week and I focused it lots on listening with love and really striving to discern the needs of others--something that I struggle with. AND THEN BOOM. CONFERENCE. I LOVE CONFERENCE SOOO MUCH! I love how I now get so much more out of it and truly have the desire to learn and listen to the incredible men and women called of God. I really learned that I need to listen with love AGAIN  and try harder to look deep within and discern the needs of others more. aka if I got to train on it and they spoke about it in conference--Heavenly Father is obviously telling me to step it up and be better. I feel like I'm "liking" everyone around me but I'm not LOVING them. I need to be more positive and smile more and help people see that this gospel brings joy! President Monson's talk on charity realllly hit me! I can't wait to study more when they come out!
Not gonna lie....this week was a little rough. Secretly I think it was "everyone hate on the sisters" week. Tara dropped us. Investigators decided to bomb text/swear at us, and we stopped at some less actives homes where they straight up screamed at us and slammed the door. Blahhhh. They'll apologize in heaven so it's fine :) But Elder Holland's talk hit home! We all just need to keep holding on tight and DEFEND OUR TESTIMONIES! No matter how crazy some people can get.
Daddy! You would be oh so proud of me! There was a Spanish lady on the street and she was waving at us and trying to talk to us....and I was able to say, "Hi my name is Sister Case." IN SPANISH. Okay I know I sound like some ditzy blonde...but that's really all the Spanish I know!...besides the rest of my freshman year schedule. Anyone want to tutor me? Well I mean...I hope she even understood that....we all know how I struggle.
Sister Vogel and I are stuck! We feel like most of our investigators aren't moving forward and those that's very slowly. We're trying to see the vision that He has for us. I feel like it's working with less actives more and I'm excited to really try my hardest to listen to the spirit. I'm working on having His will become my will. I love my Heavenly Father so much and I know that as I listen and am patient that He will lead and guide me. I love this gospel and I love you! Have a great week! Smile. Share that gem of a testimony. Reach out and be a friend.
love, hugs, and handshakes
Sister Case :)

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