Monday, April 21, 2014

I have a new favorite holiday

April 21, 2014
Howdy fambam!
First off--check this outttttt
We went to the Trail Center with Jmillz--Sister Joyce Miller--by 69 yr old gem. She's crazy. Like really. But she now wants to start on family history and she WILL get to the temple. I just love her so much!
We just got back from Omaha because we went to heaven sent Costco with the Cernas. Good golly I just love them so much! We made a pie together this week too :) yumyum in the tumtum. Hulga was very happy. ( Carly has a nickname for her stomach)
Sister Harris and I got to stroll the streets of Lincoln together because we had to go up early for Stake Conference. Sooooo tender teaching in Nebraska together after the last time was the MTC. I love her so much! A bosom friend for sure. We were walking and I saw a faded BYU sticker on a car and just ran to the door to talk to that human because helloooo I needed some sort of friendly human in my life at that moment..but the guy who owns the car I don't think is Mormon? Anyways...his roommate answered the door and he seemed super interested and said he would read the Book of Mormon and the Lincoln sisters could come back! All because of a faded sticker. Miracles.
 A new favorite holiday? Really? Like April 22nd and Christmas and my birthday don't even compare to EASTER. Golly I just love it! This week I learned and gained such a strong testimony in the Savior and Easter! It really didn't hit me until now how important and special this holiday is. I am so grateful for the sacrifice Christ made for each of us. It is because of Him that we will all be able to live with our families once again and with our Heavenly Father. This atonement is a such a beautiful thing. I feel like a silly goose that it took me until my mission to begin to gain a testimony and understand gospel principals, but I am so happy that I am learning and growing and understanding. I know that Jesus Christ loves me and wants me to be happy. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to understand the love that He has for me as well, and as I do this, I'll be able to help others come unto Christ. I love Sister Vogel and she is exactly what I've needed to help me stretch and grow. The mission is straight up the hardest thing in my life but the things I'm going through are preparing me and I know I will learn from them. Heavenly Father is a gem and I trust him 100% :)
I love y'all so much! I love the priesthood and thanks to everyone that honors it! Have such a great week! xoxoxo
Sister Case
A little help from my study buddy.
Costco with the Cerna family
 We Love being Missionaries.

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