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May 19, 2014

HOWDY FAMBAM! Soooo I got transferred! To Hastings, NE. There are 2,000 more people here than Columbus haha so I've gone such a long way. Kool-Aid was created here so that's fun.

I'm so excited to be here in Hastings! I know I will learn and grow lots from everyone around me. Sister Frisson is great and I'm excited to work with her to help Hastings! She's from Gilbert, AZ--I can't escape these crazy Arizona humans. There are lots of things that are completely different than  what I'm used to but I'm excited for the challenges that lay ahead. I'm so grateful for this opportunity!
Meeting Sister Frisina

We've already seen a miracle here in Hastings! Church had just ended and we saw this super cute girl and her mom standing in the foyer and we go over and start talking to her. I fell in love instantly! She's about 25 and so sweet. She's a news reporter and is from Arizona but they are not members and she's just struggling with things in her life. (we first started talking about her cute red toms...then Arizona oranges reeled her in. S/O to Aubree Allen for helping with that one haha) All of her friends back home told her to find the church and ask for some help, so that's what she was doing! She said she would love to meet up and even come to church and know more! She met with Bishop Perry (love him!) and told him that she really wants to meet with us because she said we have a sweet and happy spirit that she likes and wants for herself. AND SHE TEXTED US THIS MORNING AND WE ARE GOING TO SEE HER ON WEDNESDAY! I love her! I really do! There is something so sweet and special about her. Please pray for Julia!

I love this gospel and the happiness that it can bring to others. I am so happy for the opportunity that I had to serve with Sister Vogel TWICE! She helped me in so many ways and I can feel myself becoming a consecrated missionary.
Saying Goodbye to Sister Vogel

I love y'all! xoxo

Sister Case
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