Tuesday, June 3, 2014

S/O to Julia

Tuesday May 27, 2014

Hastings has been interesting. I'm still learning where everything is. But the members seem way nice! I love the Bishop here! I had deer steak wrapped in bacon...so either I'll die on my mission here in Hastings and finish it out...or I really could die from a heart attack. Satan's pets---I mean spiders---have decided to come out and play in our apartment. Sister Frisina has been so nice as I cry in a corner and she kills them for me.
We found 5 new investigators this week. WHAT? Miracles here in Hastings.
So Julia is moving back to Arizona! Like I don't think I've ever cried so hard over someone in my entire life. Ever since I've met her I've been a crying bawl baby  to Heavenly Father that she will accept this gospel,  and now she's going back to Chandler, Az. sooo all you RMs FIND HER. BAPTIZE HER. MARRY HER.  I am HEARTBROKEN! I really don't think I've ever loved anyone that much before and for her to tell us that she's going back home killed me!  Heavenly Father has something in store for her though, I just know it! She came to church on Sunday and sacrament was all about the Restoration, Sunday school=plan of salvation, and relief society=priesthood. WHAT IN THE WORLD? It was the most incredible Sunday of my life! Heavenly Father truly answers prayers b/c the wholllleee time I was praying that she would feel something. And she said she would take the lessons when she gets home. I've never cried to Heavenly Father about someone we're teaching but I have lots with her. She even thinks we've known each other forever and I feel like we have too. We read through the Family Proclamation with her and she loves it! She said she's going to save it and when she gets married she will show it to her husband and say that she wants her family just like this. So maybe we were just those missionaries that helped her to be prepared...but I know I'll see her again. I LOVE HER.

I'm so grateful to be in Hastings. I feel like this has been the hardest thing of my entire life. I'm learning patience and charity--well trying to anyway. Besides Julia, I really don't feel like I'm a very loving person and that scares me!  But I'm working on it. So I'm so thankful to have this opportunity to grow. :)

I love you!
Sister Case


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