Monday, June 16, 2014

He is proud of our EFFORTS

Monday June 9, 2014

Howdy fambam! Is it officially summer for y'all? When is trek and efy and all that jazz? S/O TO CHANDLER BROWN FOR BEING A GEM AND A SNAZZY RM.

I'm 9 months in! Can you believe it??!!! I love being a missionary! Elder Daines said something in zone training once upon a time that has really stuck with me--"I have completely forgotten who I was before my mission and have the opportunity to be whoever I want." And I feel like that is so true! 9 months later and I know I still have lots and lots to learn until the day I die--but I now just want to be someone that Heavenly Father is proud of. It finally clicked to me--during exchanges--that I make all these goals for myself and try to be a perfectionist because I've always thought that if I'm trying to do all these different things and accomplish all of them at the same time then Heavenly Father HAS to be proud of me! and this week I finally learned that He IS proud of me because I'm trying...but it's line upon line; precept upon precept. I'm not Wonder Woman and President didn't call me to the state of Nebraska. He called me to Hastings to serve the people here and to serve dear Sister Frisina. Sister Call gave me this quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley, "Please don't nag yourself with thought of failure. Don't set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. Simply do what you can do in the best way you know how and the Lord will accept your effort." Oh my heart, I just love that! So now I just have 2 goals: 1 is for the rest of my mission (to study Adjusting to Missionary Life) and 1 for this transfer: charity.
Exchanges with Sis. Call and Sis. Dumont
It's going pretty good for me and Sister Frisina. Prayers are being answered because our teaching is beginning to become more unified. Something that has really been helping me is having the mindset that Sister Frisina and Jesus Christ are best friends, and he is always with her. If I want Christ to be my best friend, I have to know Sister Frisina to know him. And it's the little things like slowing down my walking pace to match hers, or pointing out all the different animals to her so she can admire them, and just constantly and randomly telling her that I love her. I'm trying to use the atonement everyday and I'm beginning to see changes. I am so grateful for her! She is just what I needed to help with my own conversion. I've realized that as I turn outward and just help her become her best self and do all I can to help her shine and help her see that she is a beautiful daughter of God, then in return Heavenly Father helps me become my best self in the process.

We have these golden investigators named Jenifer and Ethan! We were getting balloons and as we were walking out the thought came to me, "If you're using my time you need to share it." We were half way out of the store but I immediately turned around and asked the lady at the register--Jennifer--if she would like to know more about Jesus Christ and how to find happiness in this life AND SHE SAID YES. She gave us her information and told us to call her the next day. Well, we've been meeting with them and they are just lovely! They love our lessons and are huge fans of the family proclamation. She's prayed and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. And it was just such a testimony builder to me as well that we need to pray to know who is really prepared for this gospel because Jen has members of the church at her work but none of them had shared it with her AND SHE IS SO READY. We had a lesson with just Ethan and the elders this week and it was incredible! His questions are so sincere and he has such a strong desire to know more. Both of them told us how after meeting with us they just felt so happy and now they NEED these lessons to help them get through the week and give them hope. Apparently when we first met them, it was the best thing that had happened to them all year because this year has been terrible and learning about Christ has made them want to be better. Jennifer even said that the day we met her was perfect timing, because she just found out that her mother was going to jail early that morning and then all of a sudden we showed up asking her if she wanted happiness in her life. MIRACLES. Ethan's questions were, "I would really like a woman's perspective on a man who follows Christ." "As a man, what can I do for God to help Him? What is my role?" aka the priesthood! "How can I help Jenifer grow closer to God and strengthen our relationship together with God?" We started talking about church and its importance and all of a sudden he goes, "You know, church seems so important and the way to follow God. I'm going to ask for Sundays off. The sacrifice of no money that day will be worth it." and then he starts telling us how he's changed his taste in music, since he met us, to more wholesome songs so he can hear the Spirit more. They are so ready! And when we were driving home the Spirit let me know that because I've been trying to be more consecrated and cut things out of my life...that Jennifer and Ethan are a direct blessing from that.

I know Heavenly Father is watching out for each of us! We just need to be in tune with the Spirit and open our eyes for all the miracles around us.

I LOVE Y'ALL SOOO MUCH! Have a great week and smillllleee lots!

Sister Case

Scholl Swag


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