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November 3, 2014

HOWWDDYYY. Oh my heart! I can't believe it's already November! Like stop the clock!! HBD to Shelby Bohlman :)
I LOVE Halloween. Just love it. Sister Cragun and I were Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbit! Golly I just love that sister. All the sisters and the senior couples had a party at the TC.
Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit.
Deer John :)
Freaky Children of the Corn
Halloween Fun at the Trail Center
Love working with the Senior Couples
Big news. Ready? I'M STILL IN COLD SPRINGS. YEEHAWW. But it's all crazy! So Sister Cragun is now the Trail Center Leader...and not my companion. BUT I'M STILL AT THE TRAIL CENTER. Oh and now I'm a Sister Training Leader. Like WHAT. I thought I was getting kicked out! (but when 15 sisters go home and only 3 new ones are called....poor President. LADIES. WHERE YOU AT? YOU NEED TO COME OUT ON A MISSON. So many areas are having to get shut down :( Hastings for sisters did. So sad of all sads.) It's kinda like the zone leader...for the sisters? And now I'm with Sister Lelle!!
She is such a gem! And this is her last transfer...so another new companion for the 100th time haha. I love it though! and I am so excited to learn and grown and just love the sisters. Sister Whipple came out with me and we became best friends the instant we saw each other--and now she's at the Trail Center too!
Yay for Sister  Whipple.
President wants there to be positivity at the Trail Center and have everyone be more unified so this is going to be SO fun. I am just so happy! We go on exchanges with the sisters in our stewardship and constantly talk to them. It's so interesting b/c before, it was just me and my companion and it's like newly wed status with no kids. But Now Sister Lelle and I have to really talk things out and be on the same page--as parents--so we can help and unify our cute baby girls. And then we're like in some relationship with our Zone Leaders its seems like b/c we all have to be on the same page together to help the zone and talk things out. and then the Assistants are like our fathers--they call and check up on us every so often. Madness. But I'm so excited for it all! I love learning and growing opportunities! Lots of prayers PLEASE.
Life in the YSA life is swell. I was talking to a less active in the parking lot at a fireside b/c he didn't want to stay any longer so we went to go chat...we invited him to the CES devotional after break the fast and he said NO. Well next thing I know, I'm challenging him to a race, and if I won--he had to stay for the devotional, and if he won, he obviously didn't. So there we are....racing...for a commitment to stay to be spiritually  uplifted...UGH AND I LOST. I was so ticked! I blame the pencil skirt. Not enough movement for me.....but yep. That's my life at the moment. The members are great and I love spending time with them!
Love working with the Senior Missionaries

Remember Kayla? Ya well she is doing great! She pretends to be too cool....but she's changing! :) She actually came to the Mafia to Mormon fireside at the Trail Center with all the sister missionaries for our Halloween party! (His name is Mario Fasioni....ya i'm totally spelling that wrong. But he is a gem! Highly recommend reading his book...I hear it's great!) and then she came to break the fast AND BROUGHT HER 2 FRIENDS and they all stayed for the CES devotional. MIRACLES.
With Mario Facione
I love all these incredible opportunities Heavenly Father is giving me to mold and shape me into what He wants. I have lots to learn and it's going to be hard...but I can't wait! I love my Savior, and I am so grateful for the atonement. The Book of Mormon is what brings peace to our lives when all else is falling apart. Even just a verse a day can do wonders! I know that Heavenly Father is always there for us and He is only a prayer away. I love y'all so much! I am so grateful to be a missionary.
Love always,
Sister Case
Enjoying the Quilt Show at the Trail Center

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