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October 14, 2014
 Howwwddeeeeeee. How are y'all? I am just swell. I want to hear all about musical auditions and all that other jazz. Has the house been fixed yet or is it still a tornado? Good golly miss molly. But it will be neat to see it all snazzyed up!

 Can I just tell you of a miracle real quick?! Okay so at the Trail Center we do chat as well usually about once a week--so instead of giving tours, we're on and talk to people and answer any questions for them about really ANYTHING. Sometimes we have trolls and creepers, but usually it's just someone that has heard something about our religion and wants to clear things up or someone that just wants to talk to someone about their problems. It's really neat and people can get baptized from it too. Like we follow up with people we've taught and have emailing lessons and it's really just great. Actually, someone from Price was baptized because a sister here at the TC taught him the lessons online. I'll have to look it up again. Anywho--so we just click on the next person that's on and this guy is SO tender. He just spills to us that he's worked his whole life to be in the military and then last week all his dreams were shattered and he doesn't know what to do. We talked to him about the Lord's timing and how all the traits and things he learned to prepare himself for the military will not be wasted. Heavenly Father will use these skills to help him progress in what God wants of him. He didn't really understand prayer and never thought to ask God for things for himself. Just to pray for others. But we sent a mormon message: sooo good! watch it!

We talked about it and that just led right into the Book of Mormon and how through the scriptures we can gain answers to our questions and understand our purpose. We're going to keep in touch and he said he would start reading the Book of Mormon. I'm excited for Alex!
I just love how you can tie the gospel back to anything! This women got on and asked us how in the world do you raise a child?--hahaha ummmm we have no idea....--but we started talking about raising your family in righteousness and having your home centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We sent her a link to the Family Proclamation and had her watch a Mormon Message. It's all high tecky from what I'm used to, but it's grand! She loved it! And then she logged off--but just knowing that we were able to plant a little seed...wherever in the world these people are, is a really tender feeling. I love being a missionary!
So I had a thought--any questions that you have--write them alllllll down for me and in my next letter to y'all I'll sit down and answer all of them. Sorry I have not been that great at answering all of them.
MEET THE MORMONS. Oh my HEART. I am in lovveee!!! President has let us go see it as long as we have some less actives or investigators with us! I saw it Friday and okay--being at a theater was WEIRD. Like even parts in the movie I just couldn't watch hahaha like the previews when someone kissed...I immediately shut my eyes. And all the guys during football practice. Eye contact the whole time. hahahahaha just even walking into the theater I looked down when I saw the big screen...and then I remembered that I'm allowed to watch it. Missionary proobbbblleemsss. We saw it with Angelica and 2 members and they all became best friends and it was so tender! And then last night we saw it for FHE (Family Home Evening) and our less active came with us and he started crying! A lot of the stories really hit home to him.--miracle even finding him. Ahh I have so many stories, I wish I had time to share! And then we're going again on Wednesday with our less active Kayla who has 0% hope in life. (like she told us that she's the ant and God is the little kid with the magnifying glass that's trying to burn her....) BUT SHE AGREED TO COME LIKE 3 MINUTES AFTER WE CALLED AND PUT HER NAME ON PRAYER ROLL AT THE TEMPLE. GOD HEARS AND ANSWERS PRAYERS. I love this work!
Meet the Mormons with Angelica

If you haven't seen Meet the Mormons: GO SEE IT. It's such an inspirational movie, no matter your beliefs.

We get to go to UNO and talk to people on campus. so weird. yet so fun. ohhh the college life. and we had break the fast with the 2 YSA wards in our stake. I'm just loving life. obviously.

Something neat that I'm beginning to notice is how often the Book of Mormon talks about Heavenly Father hearing and answering people's prayers. Tender mercy b/c I was struggling with some stuff after interviews with president so I said a fatty prayer...and nada. No tingly feeling. No whispers. Absolutely nothing. but while reading the Book of Mormon it helped me to see that He heard me. And He knows my concerns and He's willing and lovingly going to help.

 That's something else I'm learning about myself. Heavenly Father normally doesn't answer me in the moment--but He does eventually and he always will. Like when I'm ACTING and doing something about it. He can't just snap His fingers and fix everything for me--it's when I literally GO AND DO, will He see that I'm trying, and bless me for my efforts.

I love love LOVE this work! It's rough at times, but that's what makes the great times even sweeter. Keep being positive! It can change your life. It's changed mine.

I love y'all! xoxoxo
Sister Case

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