Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hangin' with my Homies

October 20, 2014
Howwddeeeee. How are y'all?! Anything neat happen this week? How is the house haha I'm dying to see what this new gem looks like.

So as you can tell from the 2 million pictures I sent--I got to go to Vala's pumpkin patch and it was so good! (so good. so good.) I do love pumpkins and fall and leaves and CORN. All the trail center sisters went together and then a few other gems came up for a little surprise. I love my life. And all the incredible examples and friends I've met here in NOM. Like forever grateful.

We met this less active named Joe last night and he is so cool! He just has gotten out of the habit of coming to church once he went off to college but I'm so pumped to be working with him. I swear, I am SO awkward! This whole YSA thing....woof. A lot of the people in the ward are more in their upper 20s...but we still have some who are more our age. (I only have one more month of being 20. Like who said I was allowed to grow up and be all really legal and stuff? gross.) And when he said he was 21 I just awkwardly started laughing....I have no clue why. And then I had to explain I'm still not all used to this teaching people our age thing and golly....but I mean by the end of it he thought we were normal and he's coming to fhe tonight so all is well. Like I said...I'm so weird. I'm sure I'll   be shunned when I'm in the real world. But pray for Joe! I'm a fan. He's great. And we're going to really try to help him prepare for a mission!

And then there are the older people in the ward.....and I swear I feel like we're giving marriage counsel or something. AHHH. We went do dinner with a less active member who was baptized  only a few years ago. He's from India and he's a gem! and he starts talking to us about eternal families and how to get there and what to do and oh my heart. Sister Cragun and I walked out of there in a daze. Our lives!
Bishop Biggs. I'm obsessed. He's the new bishop and he is just a gem! Like I don't even know what to say other than he makes me so happy! He is just so excited to serve and get everyone unified and make missionary work move forward. And he totally reminds me of Corwin! It's the best. We met with him for dinner last week and I can't wait for what's in store for the Cold Springs ward.

When we do shifts in the morning, we get to finish our studies afterwards and so Sister Cragun and I like to go to the pioneer cemetery right across the street. It is so beautiful and the Spirit is so strong there! I can't wait for y'all to visit this place and learn more about the pioneers and their sacrifices for this gospel. I am so blessed for the testimony I've gained while serving at the Trail Center.

Kayla will never admit it--but I really think she liked Meet the Mormons. And she is so funny! She texted us saying that she was never going to come back to church so why do we even bother coming back over when she's never going to change--and we just tell her we really like her and want to be her friend. She's never really had a this whole concept is so weird to her. She has always thought that if you're not going to accept things then the missionaries are going to just move on, but nope! She's stuck with us! :) And she totally doesn't see it, but just from our few meetings with her, the spirit is truly changing her. It's nothing huge, but Sister Cragun and I can definitely see the little things. The atonement is REAL and it's shaping Kayla. Her heart is softening even though she's trying SO hard to keep it cold. I just love her.

I think it's incredible how this cute little name tag has SO much power. People open up and share their souls with us. They are so vulnerable because they let into their hearts. They let Christ in. Sometimes it overwhelms me that we, as full time missionaries, are REPRESENTATIVES of Jesus Christ. Am I doing all that I can? Do I act as he would act? Be? Say? Do? During sacrament I was looking into the little lake of all these incredible YSA-ers. Some of them, I know their deepest and darkest fears and secrets. I've seen the tears that come from true honesty. I've seen them look into my eyes for answers that they have the faith that I can bring through the Spirit--and only if I'm worthy of it and to wear HIS name. I love being a missionary and being able to reach out to people. The trust the Lord has in each of us can sometimes be terrifying--but it's so special and incredible. I love the Lord. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that anything and everything is possible because of him. It is the greatest honor and privilege to represent him and his great work.
We all came out to NOM together
I love y'all! Keep smiling and being an example!

love always,

Sister Case

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