Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Wonderland

January 5, 2014

Howdy fambam! so it's cold. what's new. but it does look very pretty! So I'm a fan of Heavenly Father's beautiful snow and creations.
(ahahhaha oh how I have changed so much. this is too good.)
Sister Powell and I had the opportunity to help clean the temple this morning! And we got to clean the bride's room and it was soooo beautiful. I love that temple so much!
Fun moments of the week: Sister Dumont came in and it just so happened that I was on shift that night! And after gingerbread with her recent convert, Ashley, we took her to the memorial room and sang "I know, I feel" one last time together in there as missionaries. That was probably the last time I'll see her here in NE...which was bitter sweet but boy do I love that gem. Heavenly Father is so aware of us and she is direct blessing and testimony of that.
Coolest miracle ever! I'm in the  gingerbread area and I start talking to this lady and we just click. Like I feel like we've known each other for years and we're the best of friends in the course of about 7 minutes. I offer to take her and her daughter on a tour upstairs. We start the tour and I notice she's wearing a work shirt that a member from our ward works at too and then it's an instant member connection. WELL this member, Sara who served her mission in Texas!, has been planting seeds just by being a friend and talking about her sister Emily who is now on a mission and so this lady named Jennifer was just asking me lots of questions and it was great! Well all of a sudden I have the direct impression to really focus on what she's about to say and that I really need to apply it back to the gospel. All she says is "I just really love family." and BAM. the rest of the tour we're talking about eternal families and basically the plan of salvation. It was so neat! And by the end of this 30 minute tour we were really good friends to the point that this stranger wanted to give me all of her information so we could stay in contact and that she could come to my departing testimony the day before I leave NE. HOW NEAT IS THAT?! it was a huge testimony builder of member missionary work and always being willing and ready to listen and act on the Spirit and the promptings we receive. I LOVE THE TRAIL CENTER.
Cold Springs ward moved to institute and it was really good! I love that ward so much. Such a cute little family. Everyone knows when I'm going home some they like to tease me lots but they are so great. I'm so blessed to be serving there. and Kayla fasted with us! miracles. She is doing good. kinda. I'm so grateful for the lessons that she's teaching ME.
I know that TRUE happiness and joy comes from the Savior. I know that the atonement is real and that Heavenly Father is a patient and loving God who wants nothing more than for us to be happy. And it's through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that this is possible. I love trials. I love life lessons. I love my mission. I love snow. I love the temple. I love striving to be a true and full representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love y'all! HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY COURTNEY ANNE! love ya sissy!
love always,
Sister Case


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