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January 12, 2015

Howwwddeee fambam. How is life over there? People have been cracking jokes around town: "How are you enjoying the heat wave?" Ha. Ha. Ha. very funny. But I guess it's warmer than normal so I am oh so grateful. AND NEBRASKA SUNSETS ARE BEAUTIFUL. the end.

Life over here in Omaha is swell. My companion is oh so healthy it kills me. Actually it's great and I try my hardest to support her and follow her eating most missionaries do this thing called 6 months to sexy...ya well I'm at 6 weeks--to slim? Because of her now. I like tomatoes now so I feel like that is pretty darn healthy.

We have an investigator named Maggie who is set for Valentine's day! She wants to have a relationship with God and love him the way even more then the love you can have for a boy. And she's really into meeting with converts to see how they've felt after becoming a member and adjusting to things. She is so sincere! She came to the CES devotional last night (everyone should seriously read that talk. So good so good) and break the fast and sooo many people we're talking to her,  it was the best thing I've ever seen in my life. She just fit right in. Her biggest fear is that her parents will be mad!! So please pray that her parents hearts will soften.

Kayla....we kinda had a DTR( Determine the Relationship)...ya I'm still crying about it. She just doesn't have the desire to keep the commandments or do things with real intent. And it was just really rough. Like she thinks God has made her an exception to lots of things and that she is 100% ready to live with God right now. We'll keep trying.
We had interviews with President this week. It was so great...but I cried. First one track record was so good. woof. Out of no where he asks how much longer I have on my mission...."Um....a month and a half...." And i have never said that out loud before! And it finally hit me. BOOM. I just lost it. I all of a sudden felt like my heart was getting ripped out of my chest and there was nothing I could do about it. So now I'm sitting there crying and he just keeps on going haha "That's not a long time. That is all the time you have left and you will never have another opportunity like this. not even in eternity. You're time here is short and it's coming to an end." He then went on (while I'm just still silently crying my eyes out ) to just say that I need to enjoy my mission. Enjoy every single minute of it. To spend half the time in lessons teaching a few bullet points on the gospel of Jesus Christ, but then for the other half to just sit and listen and love the people and enjoy my time with them. To savor the moment. Enjoy the mission. Just have fun. I mean I thought I was? but I'm just letting it all go now. And let me tell you--I have been extra happy this week. I've been really making sure that I'M HAVING FUN while I teach and try new things and talk to strangers. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and to HAVE FUN and I'm loving it!
The Trail Center brings out the little kid in all of us.
Too much fun at the Trail Center!
He also taught me lots on positivity. And I've been thinking about that lately. I'm learning that positivity leads to trust in God and increased faith. When we're positive we see things not as a 'why me?' but really a "what does God want me to learn from this?"  A positive outlook on life is key to see that something better is in store when things don't work out. Life can and should be a wonderful experience!
Sister Weston and Sister Whipple with our Nebraska Necklaces
I just want to close with my thoughts and feelings for my Savior, Jesus Christ. My studies have been incredible lately as I've been reading the Book of Mormon and searching for acts of faith and really focusing on Christ throughout it all. And each time I open up my book, I pray that I can become on a familiar basis with him. And I can feel our relationship growing--day by day. I know that Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us and he died for us all. A girl during her talk said, "Christ wasn't asked to fulfill a hard calling or move across the country or even bear his testimony. He was asked to die for the sins of the world." He died so we could have our families for eternity. So we could all be resurrected someday. So we could have the perfect example to follow. I love him with all my heart. It still kills me that I'm representing his name each day. It's a big responsibility but I'm so grateful for the opportunity. 

I love y'all!!!

Sister Case

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