Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Like is there a tornado outside??

January 27, 2014

HOWDYYYY FAMBAM! How was y'alls week? Ash, how was your test? OMH. MOTHER DEAREST. Thanks for the package! We lovvvveee it. Those sister missionaries=still haven't stopped laughing. And DOBA? Like do you know me or do you know me? hahaha I have the whole "sisrict"--that's what the elders call our cute little district--obsessed with good ol' Doba. I love you soooo much! xoxo
One of the funniest things of the week: Elder Derek Bradshaw. Like who are you? I don't know. But I got a letter from this gem hahaahahahaha He sent me a returned missionary dating application--California Sacramento Mission--and a poem.
"Sister Case, (actually he used my first name...)
In the California Sacramento mission a faithful elder dreams of mail. He is just sitting here wishin' that one day we won't check and fail. In this letter contains an application. It was sent to you by revelation. Have fun; be smart. Please fill out with full purpose of heart. Hopefully you're not taken cause I'm sitting here watin', for your response with great anticipation!
Elder Derek Bradshaw"
HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA funniest thing of my life.
We taught 24 lessons last week--aka most we've ever had--aka miracles. We realllly tried to hit all of our goals and we almost got all of them! Those member presents are rough to get but we had 3 this week! The branch is really starting to kick up their missionary efforts! We as missionaries are here to help the members with THEIR missionary work and I love watching the members take control and help out others and it's just a grand sight to see. Like seriously I feel like I have these super cool glasses that help me see God's hand in my life and the little things that I never noticed before! Heavenly Father loves each of us sooo much and we just need to take a chill pill to notice it all. (PS. GO ON TEAM UPS WITH THE MISSIONARIES. GO AS A COUPLE. SOMETHING. #NIKE.)
Joan is getting baptized on the 7th! YYYYYEEEEEEHHHAAAWWWWW. She's been a 9 month progresser but she is super pumped and felt like she finally received her answer and is ready to go! She's confident in herself and the gospel and through prayers, miracles, and  like 4 teaching records she is ready to go! *cue the sister case happy dance*
We had 2 lessons with Tara this week and we just don't know what to do! Patience is a virtue I suppose. She says she has a testimony in the Book of Mormon but since she's already been baptized she feels like she will be mocking God if she was baptized again. We're teaching both her and her husband and they don't see the point in the priesthood. Both lessons were with members so that really helped so it's all good in the Columbus hood. We committed Tara to baptism and she said she would pray about it and talk to Jason--he was asleep b/c he has the most insane hours evaaa. Poor thing!--She's afraid of change but it will all work out because God's purpose is perfect and when the time is right it will all flow together. We went to church with them and L to the O to the L at the pastor's face when Tara raised her hand to put something into the joy praise thing.-to tell them that the sisters were here--His eyes like bulged out. And then later when she was introducing us to him she told him that she was taking lessons from us and that we were on a church swap and holy Hannah was he not pleased. Great memories. Oh and we went bowling with Tara...sorry daddy but I am terrible. Forgive me.
Okay smack down is about to happen with Satan. GET OUT OF HERE. This guy at Sylvia's work has been asking her all of these questions and basically has been trying to tear her testimony apart. Look Satan, she's baptized and is going to stay an active member so leave her alone. So we had to deal with that all week and hopefully she will tell Travis to stop. Like he's even listening to gospel stations when they're in the car. He keeps telling her that she's wrong and blah blah blah but Sylvia is perfect so she will let him know  that enough is enough.
This wind! Oh my heart! Cray to the cray. All of our plans cancelled yesterday. Like even our backups. So we had nothingggg so we went tracting for an hour and I almost blew away. Seriously. S. Dumont has like wind rash status. I was just laughing the whole time...because what else can you do? Be disobedient and go home? HA NO. We had a crazy lady bear her testimony to us and try to tell us we were wrongo's....we had a lady tell us that her husband was working on a sermon downstairs for their church...we had a little old lady let us come in until we warmed up and then kicked us out...it was lovely. But hey, 8 people now know a tiny bit more about the church so that's a plus. I've never been more thankful for my coat and boots in my life. By the last door, I couldn't even talk....pretty sure I was drooling or something. My face was too numb to smile or anything! Gotttaaa love it!
When we were teaching a lesson this week about the plan of salvation it totally hit me that I need to share this gospel with EVERYONE because I want to be with EVERYONE up in heaven. My heart full on shattered thinking that I might not get to be with my besties or people I meet here if they don't accept this gospel! Good golly this work is so important and we need to let everyone know about it! I wouldn't be able to function without it and I want everyone to have the peace and joy this gospel brings!
I sure do love it out here and love being a missionary and meeting new people and learning more about my Savior.
Have a grand ol' week! I love y'all!
Sister Case

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