Tuesday, March 25, 2014


March 24, 2014

Howdy fambam! I love being a missionary. (figured I might as well just start off by saying that.)
Sue's baptism was simply beautiful. She was glowing and Brother Witt was just so happy. I love seeing all this joy in people's lives. So Thursday was our last lesson with her as an investigator and it was so tender! Brother Witt started CRYING and said we were called to Columbus for Sue. And he KNEW that when sisters came here back in May that it was going to be the start of it all to her conversion. "There were times when it seemed like the longest 5 years of my life but then there are times like today where it seems like I was just baptized and she followed suit." I love that man. He's a big teddy bear :) aka Santa. Then Sue said the closing  prayer and it was so heartfelt. She said she was so excited for her baptism and she was thankful for us and then Brother Witt started crying all over again. All of us missionaries sang and Elder Ferry played the violin! And she was sooo cute all week! Like she straight up didn't leave the couch because she didn't want to fall or anything or have Satan attack (she has a prosthetic  leg) so she called it her "resting week." LOVVVEEE HERRRR.
We trained at zone training and Sister Vogel  and I came up with this cute thing! PANCAKES. Present All Needed Commitments And Keep Everything Simple. So make sure you have pancakes in every lesson! And teach simply as if teaching a child!
OMH THE TEMPLE. It was incredible. And thank you so much for all of y'alls prayers. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers because I FELT THEM. I was sitting there, waiting for the session to start and the song, "Love is Spoken Here" kept playing in my head and I didn't know whyyyyy so I really thought about the lyrics and then it HIT ME. "Her plea to the father quiets all my fears." I KNEW RIGHT THEN THAT Y'ALL WERE PRAYING FOR ME AND I FELT SO PEACEFUL. I also came out of there knowing that I am a worthy representative of Jesus Christ and that I am a daughter of God. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and find joy in the journey!
I love it here. I love this gospel. I love y'all!
Sister Case

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