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Wedding Crashers

January 20, 2015
Howdy fambam! ahhhh so much to say of happiness! Well for one I LOVE YOU NIKKI. AND SISTER DUMONT. I can't believe they are heading home. WHAT. And omh I can't believe you were able to see Xan. Seriously tickled my heart. Sooo happy. She is such a gem.
Transfers are this week! I mean I would LOVE to stay in Cold Springs...but I've told Heavenly Father that I'll do whatever he asks. You just never know what's going to happen--and a few sisters last transfer moved somewhere else for their last one...bahh...all is well!
The Cleverly's--the Trail Center directors--finished their mission this week. So the Crandell's are the new ones. I haven't met them yet though. So lots of new changes and new senior couples. (and heyyyy seriously every couple that's able,  should serve a mission....especially here at the Trail Center...just sayin') And when I was saying 'see ya later' to Elder Cleverly he said "I'm so happy that you were assigned here." AHHH OH MY HEART I JUST MELTED. IT WAS SO TENDER. I really do love it here and all that I've learned from them and the pioneers and about myself. It has truly been an adventure.
At the chiropractor I was wearing a husker shirt and the lady goes, "are you a native Nebraskan?" PEOPLE THINK I'M A LOCAL. They can just tell in my eyes that I love Nebraska...and the huskers...obviously. hahaha so  I'm a native. It's official.
I LOVE WEDDINGS. This couple in our ward got married and they asked us to help with it. It was so fun!!! No one else better be getting married in the next little bit....aka Carly Hunter.....

Ya I am such a jumbled mess today. sorry.
Neat miracle of the week--Stacey Vance took us to lunch to Wheat Fields (aka Disney World) and it was such a tender lesson and testimony builder to me. God is in the details of our lives. Right before her lesson, Sister Powell and I had watched an episode of the District and Elder Christensen is talking to Jinx and really just saying how much he loves her and how much God loves her and it really hit me as we watched it. Well fast forward 45 minutes later and Sister Powell starts doing the same thing! It just really hit me that we TRULY are representatives of Jesus Christ. that we were on this earth @ this time to speak for him what he would say to Stacey. I just started tearing up, there in a piece of Disney World. All I could add was "as a representative of Jesus Christ, we are here  to tell you that Heavenly Father loves you. He knows you and He is proud of you." I can't even truly express how I felt in that moment. But it hit me that our little name tag meant the world to me in that brief moment. I love being a missionary. I love being a helping hand for God. I love teaching complete strangers about the restoration of Jesus Christ's gospel and seeing a little flicker of light come in as they understand what they once knew.
I'll be honest--I've been having a few thoughts of worry here and there. The end of My mission is coming up and what good have I done? I've felt like a little planter my whole time. But I am here to testify that no effort is wasted. Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us and He knows the good that we're doing. He knows when you lose some sleep to go that extra mile to fulfill your calling. He knows when you have no time but you still make dinner for someone that needs it more. He knows when you're going out of your comfort zone to make someone feel wanted and included. He knows it all. And He is so grateful for all the big and small things that we each do. Because as we help others, we're truly helping ourselves be happy and love others and serve God more. I am here to testify that we are all God's children. That He LOVES us. And as we serve Him in any possible way, we find joy in our own personal journey.
I love y'all! break a leg this weekend!
Sister Case


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