Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grandpa's Favorite

September 23, 2013
Howdy Family. Goodness I feel like I was just here yesterday writing y'all! Okay for one--where did the time go?! I left for the mish life a month ago? Stop it. That can't be true.
Nothing too exciting happened this week, it was pretty low key. By the way, everyone and their dog smokes here--like I bet they even let their dogs take a puff. Anyone and everyone smokes. It's nasty.
LOL to the very first time Sister Vogel and I met.  We were driving around and she told me to never be on Court St. because it's super dangerous and bad. What were we doing at 9 pm on Thursday night? Walking some random old lady home who had no shoes and just left the hospital...and we were on Court St. Is it bad that I never feel scared as a missionary and I feel I can do anything? Probably...but I wasn't scared at all. And it's straight up sketch around here at night. But every night we're out just walking around and I'm fine.
So my area covers a reservation and we have people with names like Sister Bear Comes Out (best last name ever. like can I marry into that family? I'd name my daughter Silly or Summer...) and we have a bunch of native Americans. Aka I knew I was Gramp's favorite.
I had an amazing missionary experience with Sister Black! She's a less active old lady who's in a certain tribe and she's a gem. She was talking to us about something and I just had this thought come into my head but I didn't really know how to start in on it or say what I was thinking and then the words "trust me" and D&C came in to my head and next thing I know, I just went with it. I'd say something and in my mind I had no idea where I was going with it, but it made sense to her. I'd finish a statement and just blurt out something that totally applied to her that I never thought of. I felt like I needed to read Mosiah 7:33 and the part of delivering out of bondage never was something I thought of but that just hit her SO hard and she broke down crying and talking to us about her life more and how she feels trapped and wants to break free and come back to church and it was such an incredible experience. When we left, Sister Vogel (LOVE HER) was like 'way to go! You did amazing!' and I was just like that was 100% the Spirit. AHHH I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
I love it here in Sioux City. I truly do. Sister Vogel and I are like the exact same so that's always fun. She goes to Dixie and wants to major in Dental Hygiene too! There are SO many dentist people in our ward and after talking to someone I'm like obsessed with teeth even more and totally want to go the whole Dentist route and do dental school and go to Iowa for it and ahhh I love teeth. And being a missionary. And the Book of Mormon. and y'all.
Have a greaaattttttt weeeeeekkkkk and smile at everyone.
Love Always,
Sister Case

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