Monday, October 14, 2013


October 14, 2013
HOWDY. How was y'alls week? How was the Nike meet? Did y'all see Spencer? Tell me stories. Thanks so much for the packages mom! Seeing as how it was 20 degrees last night I busted out that winter stuff. and OMH thanks for the pumpkin bars. We had 2 sisters spend the night on Wednesday for a meeting and she goes, "Did you bring your mom on your mission?" Basically your packages are better than anyone elses and I love you. Transfers are tomorrow! *freaking out* S/O to Bevan Blake. We'll know tomorrow how it goes. I LOVE SISTER VOGEL AND I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE HER.
Sioux City layed low this week pretty much. We found 2 new investigators, though! One is 13--Desiree and she's a granddaughter of a less active (promise getting fulfilled again? sure hope so! President Weston is the BEST) and the other is Laria and she is a STRIPPER. She's this African-American girl and the first time we stopped by she goes "I'm hungover...come back another time so I can talk." So we came by again and  she let us in...what? She's open to everything and goes OH GURLLLLL. SHOOOT. OH GURLLL. She's gr8. 
I went on the Reservation with the Deans to meet some less actives and had Indian tacos. Wednesday was Zone Training so of course SV and I matched. "On Wednesdays mean girls wear pink and missionaries match."
Thursday was the Trainer/Trainee meeting down in Omaha and I got to see Sister Weston my bff and SISTER WHIPPLE. We were besties at the MTC and I was totally myself and it felt so gooood. (Long story short, I haven't been my full self because I'm not as loud or spazzy--which might be a good thing--but apparently when Sister Whipple and I were together SV noticed a big change. Like I feel like I've been the quiet Amanda Bynes from What a Girl Wants b/c when I 1st got here SV always  told me to be quiet or I can't do this or that and after seeing me with Sister Whipple she saw that I  wasn't being ME. I've been trying to be this perfect missionary and always happy so that means quiet and reverent and not ME. But it's all good now and we really bonded from it. I'm working on being CARLY and SISTER CASE and putting them together.)
  The meeting was incredible! All of us newbies had to role play teaching investigators with President Weston in front of everyone and I thought I was going to die. He's SO intimidating and even Sister Weston was like "Honey, stop. This is too much."  Apparently he's never done role playing with others before and it was HARD. He came up to me because I  was near the end and goes "tell me something I  haven't heard in this room yet."  ummmmm PLAN OF SALVATION. I have no idea how I got the ball rolling but I passed and it went swell and I'm sure I had some serious tacos.
I'm getting bold and teaching by the Spirit. We were in a lesson with a less active and her husband who isn't a member (who looks exactly like Tyler Hinckley; it's freaky) and at one point I asked him if the temple was anything that he would consider. SV said it was perfect but she like stopped breathing because I was so direct and out there but it felt SO right asking. Actually after that Holly (the less active) told us some of her trials and broke down crying and it was a tender experience just from my question. WOW I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND THE HOLY GHOST AND AHHHH I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING.
We started deep cleaning our apartment...and I was trying so hard to have charity and love and patience BUT THOSE NASTY ELDERS. Like when we first got to our apartment it was bad...but doable...but this deep cleaning was gross because the last few Elders didn't do anything. Nasty hairs in drawers and the shower...ew. okay well the hair in the drain was ours. fine. but everything else. NO. I just kept thinking of the wonderful service they MUST have been doing while I  scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the shower. Like helping birth 50 cows or something...obvi.
OUR BAPTISM WAS AMAZING. It was for a 9 almost 10yr old named Willy! Looking back, I have no idea how it started because when we were working with this less active family they didn't even commit to reading the Book of Mormon, but now the whole family is back and omh it's incredible what this gospel can do. It's like the first convert baptism the ward has had in over 2 years! It was a tender experience and I loved every second of it.
Share the gospel! #NIKE (Do it!). And don't be afraid that you won't know what to say or that people will reject you. When we doubt ourselves, we're doubting God. Be confident! Trust in yourself the same way that Heavenly Father trusts you and believes in you to bring His children back home. Talk to everyone and don't make your own judgments on whether or not people are prepared. Who are we to decide whether or not people are ready to receive the gospel? I know that I don't want to be at the judgment and when Heavenly Father asks me why I didn't help a certain person it was because I didn't think they were ready or I was afraid of rejection. Christ is the perfect example because many rejected Him, and He still kept trying and wanted to share the most beautiful gift we have to offer.
"It's impossible to fail when we try our best and are on the Lord's errand."
Sister Case

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