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September 9, 2013

So Trevor Johnson, gets a shout out because I'm in IOWA--live from Sioux City. So aka I'm at the highest part of my mission I'm pretty sure so,  God is funny because that means it will be the coldest. I'm not crying on the inside or anything. Hakuana Matata, I've already made a goal to never complain about the cold here so hopefully it will all work out. Sister Vogal MY NEW COMPANION loves the cold and just can't wait for ew what? So when we're studying I'll just quietly go put on a sweatshirt, or sweat pants, or grab my blanket...or all 3. I'm lowkey sad that I won't be in Nebraska for the crazy football season but don't you worry Courtney Anne, I WILL FIND YOU A CORN HAT. There are corn fields everywhere and it's just so cute and looks like the American dream every time you look out the window. We're in the corner so in one day we were in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa. We can't go running in the morning because it's kinda um...dangerous? (Don't freak mom.) Oh and we live like 2 ft away from a mental health clinic...but our apartment is cute.
Meeting Sister Vogel.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SENT ME A LETTER OR PACKAGE OR ANYTHING WHILE AT THE MTC. I don't know what to say other than thank you SO MUCH! I felt sooo loved and y'all honestly made my day. Oh and Mom, the "greenie" package was hilarious. I opened it and almost died from laughing so hard. So adorable. I loved the MTC and learned and grew so much. Granted I was only there 2 weeks...but I sure did love it. I was the Sister Traning Leader Assistant and I loved having a leadership position and having the chance to really get to know my sisters from the other districts and I learned so much. Incredible experience! The only time I was ever truly home sick was when new missionaries came in a week later. I just wanted a hug from mother dearest right then. I drank the OJ and am alive to tell the tale. I mean YOMTCO.  Last Sunday Sister Harris was dying to play the piano so we found her one and she jammed for a bit and I started singing along and it was a wonderful experience. I realized I miss music SO much in my life and a year without it was killer. When I get home I want to start piano lessons or voice or join SOMETHING.
Treats in the MTC
S/O to Courtney McOmber for her mission call. So happy she will be serving in the great state of Texas! Yehhawwwww
Okay so SISTER VOGAL IS THE CUTEST THING ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET AND WE ARE ALREADY BEST FRIENDS AND AHHHH I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH. Mom--lol that SHE is the girl we insta creeped on. Can you believe it? Funny joke--she was called English speaking, but during her 2nd transfer President Weston asked her to be in the Spanish Branch so she refreshed her skills from high school. When I got here people asked me if I was going to be speaking spanish with her and I freaked out. Like can you even imagaine? ME SPEAKING SPANISH? I'm sure daddy is crying from laughing so hard at that image. No habla espanol? Ya I should just stop while I'm ahead. But she loves teeth and goes to Dixie for dental hygenie, she's been out since may, 19, cute as button, loves fruity pebbles--actually she just loves food in general--and I am learning so much from her.  Prayers were seriously answered.
We're brand new to the area so we know no one and the elders before us didn't keep very good...or at all..progress records so we are seriously starting from scratch and I LOVE it. Just starting from the bottom means we can only go up and I don't feel awkward about not knowing people because Sister Vogal doesn't either. We met with our Ward Mission Leader and he was like "um I moved in here in July so I don't really know anyone..." so that was fun. Oh and he tried to card the Clerk's door so we could get the new ward list. Great day really.
Sunday was great! Us new missionaries bore our testimony and it was so fun and I just love it here. Like I can't stop saying how much I love being on a mission. I love looking down and seeing that I'm wearing my name tag. It's like my "pinch me I'm dreaming" status. I might  need a personal trainer when I get home.   All is know is that we had 2 dinners last night and we can't run,   and the lady below us thought we were a train from moving around when we tried to work out and I don't want to gain weight. 
  Sister Weston ( my mission president's wife) is adorable! ahhhh love her.
President and Sister Weston (middle) with the group that flew to Omaha Sept 4, 2013
My first real lesson---this guy and his family are outside and we're like okay cute, lets go talk to them. Nope, he goes crazy on us, all of a sudden his wife comes out with Bibles, they start reading things from Peter that make no sense, something about fig leaves when getting buried, she pops out a boob and starts feeding her 4 YEAR OLD SON, and next thing I know we're holding hands and THEY ARE PRAYING OVER US to help us young women to find our way and we are so young and don't know what we're doing and we need guidance and starts rambling about something from the Bible like full on lesson DURING THE PRAYER, and I think my lip is starting to bleed from biting it so hard that i don't laugh or day of my life. I can't wait to see what other adventures I get to have here!
My address will forever and always be:
Sister Carly Lynn Case
Nebraska Omaha Mission
11027 Martha St.
Omaha, NE 68144-3107
because they like to send things to the office and then the office will send it to us.
I love y'all so much! Have a great week and never forget to smile!
Love Always,
Sister Case
p.s. GOOOOOO BYU. TAKE THAT UT. (okay I'm done now.)

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