Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh My Heart!

August 29, 2013
OH. MY. HEART. Is this real life? I've been dreaming about this moment like my whole life and now I'm actually writing my first email. Yes, I'm a noob. Any who  I FINALLY have my notes and have so many stories that I probs will have to tell you of next week. Life here is oh so grand, but really hard. I'm striving to have the spirit with me and make my prayers more sincere. There have honestly been some times where I'm like WHAT IN THE HECK AM I DOING HERE and was the mish right for me? Last night though, I bore my testimony in class on increased faith about my mission papers.  Meeting with the stake president, and how I knew that certain trials I had gone through had led me to that moment when I could confidently say that I was worthy and prepared to serve a mission right then during that meeting. I have been struggling a bit this week but I felt the spirit so strongly and it definitely increased my testimony on many different things. 

1st walkin' in here last Wednesday was so much fun. I was basically jumping off the walls with all the happiness I was feeling. Sister Garth was my host and honestly, any fears that I had totally went away because she reminded me of Lexy sooooo much. It felt like I was just walkin' around the MTC with my best friend and she was just showing me the ropes of life like perfect Alexis Jane Anderson always does.
I LOVE MY COMPANION!   Sister Harris was in the NOM (Nebraska Omaha Mission) facebook group and seeing that she was my companion when I first checked in was an answer to my prayers. We were made for each other. Our teacher told our class that our companions are not chosen by chance. They were prayerfully thought over and I totally believe that. She reminds me a lot of Nikki and actually says some of the same things . Literally, the first conversation we ever had:
"Howdy! Do you want me to sleep across from you or above you on the bunks?"
"Well do you want to be best friends? THEN TOP SISTER!"
 She's always saying, "tell me stories..." like kindred spirits status. We are always laughing and have a great time. We both agree that we love the two other sisters in our zone but if we had to be with them it would be a little bit harder .However,  those two are perfect for each other as well. Our zone has 6 of us going to Omaha (the 4 sisters and 2 Elders) and the other 7 elders are going to San Diego. We're all BEST FRIENDS and 8 million hours in the classroom with them each day really isn't that bad.
One thing I'm working really hard on is exact obedience.  President Wenn (our Branch President) has some rules I'm not use to,  and it's a little  hard for me to adapt to them.  But,  exact obedience is what I'm aiming for. I always think of daddy and his great example of not calling his family while on his mission for Christmas.   Even though he could have, he chose  to follow the rules. If daddy can do that, I can work on these things.  Thanks for the great example dad!

I love my teachers--Brother Roberts and Brother Gonzalez. They are incredible and make class that much more wonderful. Sister Harris and I have  investigators that  are interesting and we're trying our hardest to figure out their needs and how to serve them and teach them what they truly need to hear through the spirit

I'm not sure on the calling status but I leave the MTC at 4:30. My flight from Salt Lake leaves at 8:35 and lands in Minneapolis a 12:11. Then that flight leaves at 1:20 and we land in Omaha at ummmmm ya. Dear Elder me which phone to call!

Oh and I need to tell you that my friends really shouldn't come to the temple during my walk on Sunday. I'm on my mission and need to much as I would LOVE to see my besties though.
Ahhh I wish I had more time! I love being a missionary! I love my name tag and how I am a representative of Christ. I love that when I got set apart I could look around and see people as children of God. I love this gospel!

Have a great day and never forget to smile.

Love Always,

Sister Case


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