Thursday, October 10, 2013


September 30, 2013
HOLA FAMILIA! ...or something like that...HOW ARE Y'ALL? How was the primary program? Courtney you played the piano? Say whhatttttt? Our ward's was yesterday too and it was precious.
Okay mom so are you so excited when you get random texts and such? We have a few mothers in the ward who have daughters on missions too and so they like to take pictures and have us over to feel like they are home with their daughters again. I love our ward! They're really starting to trust us and actually the stake president had Sister V and I over for dinner and brought one of their family friends over for dinner and wanted us to teach them the plan of salvation! It went really well and ahhh I truly love it here.
I have now learned how to roll up cigarettes and make your own...right before teaching about eternal families. And watched a cuddle session by our investigators in their bed because they were cold... WHILE teaching the restoration.
Both were with our investigator named Rose, who has some SERIOUS chastity problems...yikes...but Rose, her sister, and her cousin came to the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday! That was swell but I'll keep you updated on them...BUT WASN'T IT SO GOOD (so good. so good.) ON SATURDAY! ugh. LOVED it. One thing that really helped was going in with inspired questions! Promise that you'll take the time to think and pray about what you feel you really need answered before General Conference,  and go in with questions and I PROMISE you'll receive answers.
Sister V and I went to a Baptist Church last Sunday for a church swap and it was craycray (crazy).  PPPPRRRAAAIISSSEE THE LOORRRDDD. Jumping and clapping and dancing and HALLLLEELLUUHHHAAAA. It was a grand ol' time.
Congrats to Alec Rasmussen on his call and to Adrien Lewis for going through the temple. I'm so excited for y'all!
Okay so I now have a new grandma named Sister Crandell. She is this old lady who's teaching us how to make applesauce and she LOVES us. She acts like a teenager around us and loves to be silly and she is as cute as a button. Truly kills me. She took us out to lunch and whenever she sees us she's like "Oh my girls! I love my girls!" True gem right there.
WE HAVE BIKES. I AM LOVING LIFE. Okay so the whole skirt thing is a problem at times and of course my skirt likes to blow up only when cars are coming by, but it's fantastic!
We're working with less active members a lot because that's most of the ward and people are starting to come back and it's amazing! We're working with this one family, the Gbogbo's who are from Africa (I've made so many African friends it's amazing.  Like straight from Africa.   It's great.) We're trying to help them get sealed in the temple and we're so close but Brother Gbogbo doesn't feel ready yet. Yesterday we got down to business and had some serious heart to hearts and it's getting better. He totally opened up and we sang Families Can be Together Forever and I'm a Child of God and I Need Thee Every Hour as a family and it's amazing how music can bring the spirit in.
I love this gospel and goodness me it's true. I know it. I love it. Share it with others! It's so special and everyone deserves a chance to hear it.
Have a great week and enjoy the sun for me...because I'm DYING. It's fine. I'm smiling through the shivers! I LOVE THE COLD. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Love Always,
Sister Case

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