Monday, October 7, 2013

Here's to Perfect Timings,.. Knitting and local stabbing of my dear friend

September 16, 2013

HOWDY TO THE WORLD AND BACK FROM IOWA. Okay so letters are my thing. I have nooo time to email but I can write like all day plus I remember more, so homies out there write letters not emails please and I'll share my love with you.
So when I get asked to pass out rolls at dinner I die inside because it feels like home. Hashtag lovin life. Oh and this Grandma--Sister Crandell--no really I call her Grandma--is adorable and is teaching us how to make her heaven sent applesauce and is taking us out to lunch on Tuesday and straight up loves girl time. I'm obsessed with her.
 Our investigator Cindy came to church and THE LORD IS REAL AND TRUE AND LOVES US because her only problem with the church was that she felt like women were not as important as men and our RS teacher felt like she needed to talk about that and holy Hannah moses Cindy was crying and felt the spirit and i should have died with excitement or something. We're helping her do homework and she's teaching us how to knit,  and lowkey I'm rocking at it all of a sudden and have dreams of doing the right technique. So as of right now when I get home I'll be able to knit, make heavenly applesauce and chocolate chip cookies, and make some dang good African food from Sister Gbogbo.
Okay so Friday the 13th is real and I'm writing you the real deal because it was that intense but short story--God has a plan for everything and perfect timings are 100% amazing and we just happened to see a lady named Renee from the soup kitchen at the gas station. She gives us her address and tells us to stop by! Later we go to see Sister Gbogbo and she gives us sooo much food and we take it back  home. We feel like we need to go see Renee so we head over there and start talking to her AND FIND OUT SHE JUST GOT BACK FROM THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE HER EX HUSBAND CAME AND STABBED HER IN BROAD DAYLIGHT ON THE STREET IN THE BACK AND SLIT HER THROAT AND SHE IS ALL STITCHED UP AND HE WAS BAILED OUT THE NEXT DAY SO HE'S OUT AND ABOUT AND LOWKEY WHAT IF HE IS LOOKING FOR HER AGAIN WHEN WE'RE TEACHING HER. eh. oh well. and omh blood everywhere on the ground and she's starving so we sprint to go give her the food we just got and now we're friends with all the drunks and druggies since that's our area and she feels like we're supposed to be in her life for a reason. And then we lost our key and was obviously  locked out and...I know the suspense is killing you. You'll have to wait for my letter. MUHAHAHA.
I always have a Book of Mormon with me.  Sister Vogel and I try to talk to EVERYONE and I swear my bag goes Mary Poppins on me sometimes. On Friday I pulled out a Spanish and an English one. I THOUGHT I ONLY HAD ONE. Crazy life.
Next week I'll have to tell you about my Micronesians and how the mission life is truly amazing. Perfect timing strikes again.
I LOVE WORKING AT THE SOUP KITCHEN. Yes one of the guys is creepy and winks at me all the time but we're besties and I save him a brownie every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He asked me for my number once so I gave him one of our cards with our number...lowkey laughed so hard in my head. Like I LOVE THOSE PEOPLE. I love looking out at everyone and people watching. Even though most of them don't have teeth, a few goiters, and don't ever shower...they're all children of God and I love feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for each of us. Plus they keep me safe when we're on the streets because we're their homies
Love Always,
Sister Case


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