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January 6, 2013
HOWDY FAMBAM! Happy New Year! S. Dumont and I celebrated some with GJet and by wearing our lovely goodwill gear (not the hats though. ew.) and had a little photo shoot. Naturally our New Years kiss was our Book of Mormon. We went to bed at 10:30, woke up at midnight to give each other a sleepy high five, and then went back to beddybyes. It was a party let me tell ya. Did y'all do anything fun?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to say that I get to dedicate the whole year of 2014 to serving the Lord! Yeehaw to such a great year coming up!
My life is in shambles:
1. We were reading 'Would You Rather' cards and one said, "Would you rather have golf ball sized eyes or keyboard sized teeth?" Like what if you already have both? Shambles.
2. Sister Fuller awhile back asked me if I was writing anyone and I laughed and said And then she goes on to tell me how me and this elder should write and blah blah blah and I just say she's crazy and that's the end of that. Well I get a letter from him and so we randomly will write each other and I told him in an email that his last name sounds so familiar and asked if he had any siblings....well come to find out when he skyped his fambam that I did know his older brother because I went on a date with I don't even know this kid but I went on a date with his older brother? My life=shambles.
3. I was asking S. Dumont about someone and I go, "She's from Washington, Doctrine and Covenants." totally on accident. Missionary shambles. So that's some fun on my oh so weird life. 
Transfers are this week :(   Ugh like how did these 6 weeks just fly by? I LOVE S. DUMONT.
Happy Birthday Courtney Anne Case! Oh my heart you are getting too big. Squeeze Mama Punk and eat a cupcake and it's like I'm there! :)
SYLVIA AND EMILY ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 18TH. She changed her date but she said she's all good to go for next week and feels for realzy ready. She wants to know everythiinnnnggg and she thinks she has to but it's all on faith! We met with her a lot this week and on Saturday we went to the Trail Center! Our mission is so blessed to have it to really help anyone answer questions, recognize the spirit, everything! It was Sylvia, Emily, and Vicki--she's an active member now!--There's one room called the memorial room and it's so quiet and peaceful and full of windows to look out across to the Winter Quarters Temple. IT'S BEAUTIFUL. (AND OMH WE GOT TO SING IN THERE. MISSION BUCKET LIST: CHECK.) The spirit was so strong! At one point Emily (11) was like, "I want to go in there." Sylvia: "You have to be baptized first." Emily: I know.--Just how she said it and the look on her face...golly gee it was perfect. THEY ARE SO READY. After the tour we watched the family movie that they show. I felt like we needed to say a prayer before we watched it and after I did, the spirit was soooo strong and Sylvia was already crying! Oh my heart that video gets me good. By the end I was a bawling mess. But I have such a strong testimony in the plan of happiness! Like helllloooooo who doesn't want to be happy? Having this gospel brings such joy to the lives of those who will listen and being able to know where our loved ones will go is such a blessing! I sure do love and miss y'all but I'm making new families out here too and I just want to be with them forever as well!
 Doctrine and Covenants 15:6 is one of my favs---"And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to adeclare brepentance unto this people, that you may bring csouls unto me, that you may drest with them in the ekingdom of my fFather. Amen."  I still remember how I would start to cry in seminary when asked to draw and explain the plan of salvation because I felt like I didn't know it. I didn't understand it. I totally remember thinking, 'I can't go on a mission! I don't know this stuff!' Now 4 years later and I'm fulfilling one of my dreams and I'm learning every single day. I still feel  like I don't know this stuff but I have faith and I have full trust in Heavenly Father. I know that Christ died for each of us so that we could have the opportunity in this life to CTR--choose the right--to be able to live with Him again someday. I know that God's plan is the perfect plan.
I looovvveee y'all so much! xoxoxoxo
Sister Case
Painting nails with Tara
Road Tripping to the Trail Center
What up TEXAS!

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