Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Water is 112 Degrees....

January 20, 2014

HOWDY FAMBAM! How are y'all? I'm alive....I mean like I was literally pushed by these 65-70 mph winds this week so that was fun....The cornfields looked like this giant dirt storm. It was cray to the cray. PS did you know that S. Dumont and I know 4 of the same people? Like pretty well status. Gabby (my efy counselor) Parker O'Very (the one that sang the Buble song at YASE camp), Brent the cousin, and MY LOVER BEVAN BLAKE. (I'm sure you loved that Bevs.) LIKE HOW IN THE WORLD? I'll have to explain at a later date. But obviously we are oh so meant to be!
Want to hear a funny story? We go to the Kadous fambam to teach about the family mission plan and Sister Kadous's little daughter, Kayla, is 2 and goes "mommmmyyy I want milk!" Like you know....ya that kind of milk.....and Sister Kadous keeps telling her no, not right now. So after a few minutes of begging for some milk she stops, looks at us, and goes, "mommy does Dumont have milk?" HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA DYING. Oh but it gets even better. (or worse in my case.) Sister Kadous goes, "why didn't you ask if Case had any milk?" and Sister Dumont says, "well isn't it obvious?" RUDE. but hilarious. hahahaahahahahaahaha my life is always in shambles.
 (Cue Mulan theme song) LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. aka SYLVIA AND EMILY'S BAPTSIM. Holy Hannah. Oh my heart. Yee to the Haw. It was wonderful. perfection. Disney ending lovely. I don't know what else to say. (the water was really 112 at first....what?) They were both sooo happy when they came out of the water. I straight up couldn't stop smiling! PURE JOY. When they were changing, S. Dumont and I hugged each other and she whispers, "this is what it's all about!" And she is so right! Not in the sense of having to baptize people but just helping others come unto Christ and helping them find peace and joy in their lives. They both are still so happy and Sylvia is sharing her testimony with everyone at work about being baptized and people are asking her all these questions and so we are having to do some serious study to find stuff out--but I love it! They want answers from the Bible and it's incredible to find things that I had never noticed before. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND AHHHH IT'S THE BEST.
The program went oh so well. S. Dumont and I sang a song--we will record it and I'll send it to y'all!--we asked them how they felt afterwards and they were just so happy! They said clean. super happy. joy. We watched 17 Miracles later and we talked about the miracles that they've seen in their life and how Heavenly Father has helped them every step of the way to be where they are right now. Emily turns 12 next month and is sooo pumped to go to the temple! She wants to start learning about family history like tonight! aka I lovvveee her. And Sylvia.
Miguel passed the sacrament on Sunday! He got baptized like the weekend before I got here and so we've been teaching him the recent convert lessons and HE PASSED THE SACRAMENT YESTERDAY AND IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT HE GOT TO GIVE IT TO US. Heavenly Father you're the best! but straight up joy.
GJet....do I love her or do I love her? She brought cookies and juice to church once for all the kids and was sooo mad that we didn't tell her that church was 3 hours long.....she never asked...hahaha okay that was our fault but she would have never come haha. I love her! "Your church is so poor. You don't even give juice in your little service thingy. Poor people use water. I need to help you." Oh gjetttt....she asked what she needed to do to be baptized and we had a serious heart to heart on that one. She needs to follow the 10 commandments....."girls. you know that won't ever happen...." whhyyyyyyyy GJET. STOP. She is such a hoot and a holler. But we talked to her about having a change of heart and a desire to do so because right now she is wayyy to happy with the life she is living right now. woof. but all shall work out in its own time :)
I'm becoming more confident in my teaching and following the spirit and I'm learning and growing soooo much and I just love it. Oh and I love y'all. I also love this gospel and being able to share it with those in Columbus! Have a great week! xoxoxoxo
Sister Case 

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