Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mission Be Betters

Mission Be Betters

OKay so I wrote this foreverrrrr ago.  The facebook page "many are called...few are sisters"  helped me out so much, and I just wanted to return the favor for some other sistas! 

·         Bring snacks b/c there will be times you feel like you will truly starve

·         Mints and Listerine strips shall be your new bff #nogumstruggles

·         Earrings can only be 1 inch

·         Write down birthdays, addresses, everything so that way you don’t have to annoy your mother toooo much when you’re on the mission


·         Flashlight—bring or die when trying to get off the top bunk

·         Allow elders to be gentleman and open your doors and stuff. It’s fine. Calm down.

·         Our district president liked us to do district spotlights every night—where we spotlight one person and each person asks the “spotlight” a question so we can get to know that elder or sister better and then everyone goes around again and says one compliment. It’s a great way to bond!

·         We did spotlights in our bedroom too and that helped us sisters grow SOOO MUCH STRONGER TOGETHER because you can be more personal and it’s just fun girl time.

·         You don’t need ugly shoes.

·         Be yourself.

·         Make it a goal to make each of your companions your best friend

·         Make others feel welcome and try to get to know everyone as quickly as possible! You’re a fambam now!

·         Smile CONSTANTLY. A smile can go a long way.

·         Don’t complain. Be positive!!!! (I’m always cold so one of my goals has been to not complain when I am. You can dooo itttt)

·         You. Will. Survive. Fast. Sundays. Don’t cheat and it will be a gr8 day. Honest.

·         I have a bunch of notebooks for different things—weekly plan out email, Christ like attribute notebook, companion notebook, daily miracles, grateful journal, favorite scriptures, one for meetings, a journal…really just anything.

·         Each night write down 5 things that your companion did that you admired or did well that day or things you like and then “We’re companions because…” and write a reasons why y’all are together.  If your mission president believes you two need to be together then start figuring out why! It helps you truly love your companion and grow closer. Then when y’all get transferred give it to her! It will help boost up her confidence and everything. Just SERVE HER.

·         Bring pens that you KNOW you love.

·         Try to volunteer as much as possible at the MTC. The MTC is where you learn and train for the real deal. Aka suck it up and volunteer and it will be easier out in the field.


·         Be 5 minutes early to EVERYTHING.

·         You can have logos and and things on your tshirts for gym time

·         Be honest and open with your teachers! They love and care for you want to help in any way possible. Let them know of your fears and struggles and they will do everything they can to build you up!

·         Go to the temple on PDay with a question in mind

·         Be exactly obedient with your emailing and you’ll see miracles from it. Promise!

·         Have your companion sign your dork dot…I mean…you’ll see J

·         Do something fun with your companion! We always match on Wednesdays…you pick something and have fun with it!

·         Make a list of all the ways to make outfits. Such a time saver…it took forever before I left but it helps sooo much


·         Each night we chose one elder and wrote a whole list of how he’s a great missionary and then gave it to all of them the last night. It helped us think of ways that they help our district and helped us love them more….especially for the times when you didn’t want to….


·         If you’re like me and fail at opening letters….bring a letter opener so you don’t rip things up to shreds….

·         Start NOW to memorize 1st vision, D&C 4, How to Begin Teaching, and How to be a Successful Missionary

·         Bring pepper spray…you never know when you’ll need it and there have been a few times where I’m grateful that I can feel it in my bag if I need to whip it out

·         Bring two large ziplock bags and have one for “To write” and the other for “Responded.” I’m telling you—you forget who you write and what you said and this little trick helps your brain not hurt as much

·         Carry a little picture book of your family and things you did before the mission. Everyone likes to see pictures and hear stories of those back home

·         Make sure you have a sit down with your bank and that they understand what you’re doing and stuff. It took me FOREVER to get my card to finally start working. (make sure you give your parents all that fun info too so they can go yell at them if needed.)

·         For those days when you feel like you’re nothing: write down the good things that you’re comp says during companion inventory. Sometimes you can’t see the great things you’re doing and don’t notice in yourself.

·         Start birth control before coming out to make sure it’s right for you

·         IF POSSIBLE GET THE MINI SCRIPUTRES QUAD. You carry your scriptures with you everywhere. The lighter the better.

·         Actually, whatever you can get that’s mini for the mish—do it.

·         There are these books “The Missionary’s Little…” I have the quote one and my companion has the object lesson one. THEY ARE AMAZING. The objective lesson one is def. my favorite! It works for everything. I HIGHLY recommend it.

·         Have someone write down your setting apart blessing! I read it all the time when I’m feeling a little low and it’s a great reminder of the blessings I can receive if I’m being exactly obedient.

·         When you’re not being exactly obedient you’re not only hurting yourself but the people you’re teaching because you don’t have the Holy Ghost with you. Remember that.


·         Go into each district, zone, conference, with an inspired question and it WILL get answered.

·         Commit people to baptism on the first lesson. Be bold. Who do you fear more—man or God? Who are we to judge whether or not people are ready for this gospel? Unless the Spirit full on says NO, then go for it. If you’re questioning if you should do it, it’s Satan trying to get into your head. Never let him win.

·         Write “For When” letters to those you love. I made some for my sisters and now I’m “there” For When they go on their first date, junior prom, musical, first kiss, birthday, first day of school—the little things that you can’t celebrate with them, but this way you’re kinda with them.

·         If you’re like me and always cold, bring lots of sweats.

·         Ask each companion what her pet peeves are. Better to just know those at the beginning then later finding out or something

·         Write down tender mercies and things that you’re grateful for each night. You’ll see the hand of God like never before

·         Make your letters/emails home meaningful. Sure, everyone wants to hear of the funny things you’re getting to experience but don’t forget the spiritual things. You never know who will read your letter. You’re a missionary at all times. Share your testimony. Let people know who you’re teaching and how each of you are growing closer to Christ.

·         Never miss an opportunity to share your testimony.

These are just some things that I had to learn the hard way and things I wish I had known before. I love each of you and I hope you enjoy every second of your mission! I’ve only been out 3 months and I couldn’t be happier. It’s true that what you learn on your mission would take a lifetime to learn in some aspects. Never forget that you’re a daughter of God and if the decision to serve was right once, it’s still right today! I love y’all! ~As sisters in Zion~


Love Always,

Sister Carly Case

Nebraska Omaha Mission.

11027 Martha Street. Omaha, NE 68144

(If you have any questions feel free to write me! Xoxo)



  1. This is GREAT! Exactly what pre-missionaries need to hear. I'm a return missionary and I agree completely :D I'm going to share this with people I know who are going to head out on a mission. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm a little confused on the birth control bullet. Do you need to be on it or something?

    1. wondered about this too, probably an 'acne' issue?

    2. Sorry it took 3 YEARS to respond. For the birth control--a bunch of my companions had a really hard time with their periods and some wished they had taken it before hand just to help that week not be so bad. (One of my companions would throw up a ton during her week.)Some started taking it on the mission but then random side effects would come in.

      So really it's just a warning that if you think your period might be crazy for you while you're gone, I would recommend trying birth control before leaving on your mission-just so it's easier to know how your feeling and can switch it if needed.