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January 13, 2013

Howdy familia! Soooooo drumroll pleaseeeeeee I'M STILL IN COLUMBUS WITH SISTER DUMONT! YYYYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWWWWW. When the Sister Training Leaders told us that, I seriously started to cry. PURE JOY. I now get to spend 6 more weeks with my best friend, sharing the gospel! We're so pumped!
OKAY HAS EVERYONE SEEN THE NEW YOUTH VIDEO--COME UNTO CHRIST? Well if not, here ya go: https://www.lds.org/youth/theme/2014?lang=eng
It's seriously the best and it warms my heart. So I am just gonna start by bearing my testimony of the youth programs.  ALL Y'ALL YOUTH LISTEN UP. So basically my dream calling would be to be in the YW presidency....but you have to be super righteous for that...hahahaha but I LOVE THE YOUTH. I love Y'ALL. If I could go back in time, I would be in high school foreverrrr because it's there that you get to truly stand up and be an example in everything you do! Wear your CTR with pride. Stand tall with your modest clothing! Tell people about your beliefs. I mean I lovvvveee BYU but everyone is Mormon and it's just not the same. Being in an area where there are not many members allows  your light to shine and help others COME UNTO CHRIST.
 I love the Young Women's program with all of my heart. I love the For Strength of Youth and I know if that everyone truly saw it as ways to return home safely and not as rules or restrictions your life would be easier and much happier! And if I can't be a teenager forever and be an example in my actions at school then you bet I'm so happy to be on a mission and being an example and a representative of Jesus Christ. It's a new year! So everyone truly start this year out right by striving to be the person  HEAVENLY FATHER wants YOU to be. Each of us has so much potential it's ridiculous, so we need to align our will with God's. I mean helloooo He's the one that sees the big picture and knows what He's doing. TRUST HIM. My heart is filled with joy today with all the exciting things that y'all are learning and working towards. A mission, a mother, an example. Whatever your path is, ask for help and hold tight to the iron rod. Find the joy that this gospel can bring to anyone and everyone who has a desire AND THEN SHARE THAT JOY WITH OTHERS. Golly I just love y'all and I can't wait to see what Heavenly Father has in store for each of you. Never forget that you're amazing and a child of God.

 SYLVIA AND EMILY HAD THEIR INTERVIEW ON WEDNESDAY! While Sylvia was having hers, Emily was so nervous and was like "I Can't do it. I'm not ready."  So we gave her a pep talk and went over the baptismal interview questions again and said a prayer before she went in. I think the biggest help was when her mom came out GLOWING and smiling from ear to ear. She hugged us and said, "I'm 100% ready now." and she later told us that before she went in she still wasn't sure about all of it BUT NOT ANYMORE. Goll, like I might just start crying in the library right now. The spirit is so strong right now and I'm just soooooooo happy. I can't stop smiling and I never want to stop. A mission is such a beautiful thing and being able to help others be just as happy and COME UNTO CHRIST is incredible. The same thing happened to Emily. Picture perfect.
 I love how this gospel changes lives for the BETTER. We go and see them all the time now or even when we call them you can just hear it in their voice how happy they are. They're not even baptized yet and you can tell they're being converted. AND WE CAN ALL BE CONVERTED TO THIS GOSPEL. It's continuous and incredible. I'm still working and changing and striving to be better. Who I was will NOT be who I AM and who I WILL become when I get home and the rest of my life until I'm safely home with my Heavenly Father. Those two are just great and there is even a change in their home. They don't fight or get annoyed. They are just HAPPY.
Can I just say that Heavenly Father is incredible?! You know when everything was falling apart around us and we were homeless and stuff? Well Heavenly Father totally knew what He was doing! Things needed to happen so people could be stronger and more receptive to the gospel. We finally got to see Tayna and she starts crying and says, "I'm so so sorry I ever doubted you girls." We are back! And through her mother's death she wants to be baptized and go to the temple. It's always a party when we try to teach her a lesson but yesterday everyone in the house all just LEFT and the spirit was so strong during our lesson on the Plan of Salvation and I felt like we needed to talk about baptism and the atonement and she's still unsure but she said she would sincerely pray. I trust Him. He will answer her when the time is right because His timing is perfect! And somehow we got out of there in an hour! Exact obedience straight up brings MIRACLES. *side note that I need to say--if you're feeling uneasy about a mission or that you don't know enough--STOP. You can do anything! I didn't understand the Plan of Salvation or have the smallest clue about the atonement but I love it. I love bearing my testimony. I love meeting people. I love that I don't know things but through study, prayer, and some serious trust, the spirit will lead and guide. I'm also realizing that the less I talk, then the more the Spirit gets to talk. YOU CAN DO IT.*
My fav scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 31:3--- For my soul delighteth in plainness; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God giveth light unto the understanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding.
I love how Nephi's soul is always delighting in something. Like can he share please? Oh wait, he helped write the Book of Mormon so duhhhh he is. Thanks Nephi! You da bessttt. I love how Heavenly Father speaks to each of us in our OWN way. How does Heavenly Father speak to   YOU? Everyone is different, and I would challenge each of y'all who read this to really think about that. Mine is through my pen. I'm beginning to notice during my studies and prayer journal. He speaks to each of us and in his own way and time :)
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Okay like how many times have I said that? Am I annoying or what? Hahaha but I love y'all! I love this gospel and I'm going to share it forever!
Be bold. Be brave. Be an example.
Love Always,
Sister Case
Missionaries match on Wednesdays

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