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Families Can Be Together Forever

July 23, 2014
Howdy fambam! Soooo this past week was cold. Like I wore thermals under my skirt and Sister Frisina made hot chocolate? WHAT IS NEBRASKA DOING TO ME? Honestly I just think I'm still defrosting from the winter....

So I've been reading lots about Moroni lately and wellll I'm in love. Like really. And I've been thinking lots about my own future family and stuff like that. Our last zone conference wasss alllll about the family. I want my family to be like Nephi's-- 2 Nephi 5:27--"and it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." Nephi's life was hard. There were times of hunger, thirst, danger, family problems, etc but he still had a positive attitude. His family still had a happy home. I love that! (When the Westons told us all that it was okay to think about marriage and our future families all the sisters felt kinda weird and uncomfortable like ummm boys...eww...and all the elders were so pumped and high-fiving each other. I have never met so many 18-21 yr old guys who were SO excited to get married. Okay was a tad bit tender.)

We talked lots on eternal marriage and families and the family proclamation. I LOVE that thing. If you haven't read it or haven't in a whilleee--doooo ittt. It straight up tells us how to have a happy home. How to be a forever family! How to be a better man, women, mother, father, spouse. Like who doesn't want help and guidance on that?! It was really neat too b/c President starts asking us to name great people in the scriptures...Ruth, Ester, Noah, Nephi...we could go on forever--and then he says they were all a missionary in some way and every single one of us is a missionary too! "The Lord calls unlikely people to do the impossible."

Next thing I know, President Weston is telling us to get married soon after we get home and to start planning for it NOW. We don't need to be focused on our careers or having enough $ before so many little things. PLAN with your spouse. "Marry young to grow together." So we were given a piece of paper to begin making goals and plans for our future and who and what we want and to begin to match that. So reading about Moroni this past week really made me think of the ways I need to improve my own self so I can become what Heavenly Father wants and needs me to become. Sister Weston said, "If we make plans for our lives, Heavenly Father will make them better as we put our hand into His." We're supposed to have our eyes and ears open while on the mission to see how others raise their kids, things we want/don't want in our home, just take notes.
Golly...I've always been like ehhhh catlady please...but really truly I can't wait to get married. I have no idea why in the world I'm telling you this...but I'm learning lots about eternal marriages and I really am excited for it all! Is it weird that I pray for my husband and ask that Heavenly Father can help him honor his priesthood? And that I like to ask Him to say howdy to my future kiddos up in heaven for me? ehhh maybe. BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET THEM SOMEDAY. I just love families and can't wait to start my own family and help raise these precious souls in righteousness and help them build their own firm foundations! Like I can't even really describe how I feel...but I want it so badly...and I really didn't care before the mission. Like to the point where "marriage" was a swear word to me haha but the more families I meet and the more I hear about how the temple has blessed their lives...the more I fall in love with Heavenly Father's beautiful plan for each of us.
I am so happy to be on a mission right now to help others to #comeuntochrist and be with their families forever. "Families are the treasure of heaven." --Elder Neil L. Anderson.

I love it all. Plain and simple.

Love always,

Sister Case

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