Friday, August 22, 2014

Miracles on Hastings Ave.

July 18, 2014

Howdy fambam! How is y'alls summer? S/O TO PAYYYDDENNN FOR RETURNING WITH HONOR. I love you cousin dearest! So Sister Frisina and I had some incredible miracles happen this week. I wish I could tell you all of them! onneeee dayyyyy

So we just got out of this incredible lesson with Trina (IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The member totally invited Trina to read the Book of Mormon and come to church and helped download the church app and HOLY MOLEY EVERYONE GO OUT ON TEAM UPS WITH THE MISSIONARIES BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SO MUCH TO HELP WITH OTHERS  CONVERSIONS. okay I'm off that one now...) and we're in the car about to drive away and Sister Frisina is apparently making awkward eye contact with some guy in the car next to us that is our age and next thing I know she's yelling at me to hurry and get out of the car....I grab my stuff and next thing I know she goes "Hi, so um I think I caught your eye back there." *face palm* His name is Chris! and apparently him and his fiancĂ© are looking for a church to join and we gave him a Book of Mormon and we have a lesson with them tonight! I can't wait! We were really just there at the right time and Heavenly Father set it all up.
We had interviews with President and boy do I love him! I'm really trying to follow God's will and not my own. I was reading one of your letters mother dearest and you were talking about how Brother Hairel was teaching mission prep on the atonement and I had 8 million emotions go through me. Almost a whole year ago I was teaching mission prep on the atonement and I was so scared to teach it because I didn't understand it. I didn't know what to say. I didn't have a testimony of it to the point where I was like "ahhhh I'm leaving for my mission in 2 days and I don't understand anything! I can't go out there and tell others about it!" I still remember 6 am seminary, being asked to go up and draw the plan of salvation and freaking out and wanting to cry and then having Tyler Hinckley or Mark Pike crack a joke and go do it for me. I really was secretly terrified to come out into the field. But I knew I needed to and I knew God wanted me to. The thing that kept me going was reading the white handbook before nanny time and D&C 64:34 and D&C 4 really hit me. I had the desire and a willing heart. but I felt sooo inadequate! But I knew I needed to go and that was all that mattered. So then reading and thinking that a year ago i was so scared and I didn't have a testimony to NOW--I just burst into tears for such joy and gratitude. To realize that my testimony has grown tremendously. That I understand the atonement more now then ever before. That I have a love for the plan of salvation! I just hit my knees and cried and cried for the testimony that I have gained thus far on my mission and for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences my Heavenly Father has given me. I lovvveeddd my life before the mission, but it was MY life and all about me. Super selfish. But my eyes have been opened and I love my life and those in it even more now. I gave up things that I thought meant the world to me--but Heavenly Father gave me something far better: a testimony, a love for the gospel, an understanding and relationship with the scriptures and my Savior.
I am so blessed. I have so much gratitude in my heart for my Savior and this opportunity that I have to share the gospel with others. I love y'all!
Love always,
Sister Case

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