Sunday, August 24, 2014

Puzzle Pieces

August 18, 2014

Howdy fambam! How are y'all? When does school start? I heard you haven't been updating my blog...BUSTED. How is good ol' Texas?

The Trail Center is lovely! I saw the Spicers and Munozs from Columbus! Tender mercy! It's kinda different because you're on shift there for 6 hours and sometimes you only have like 1 there is lots of down time. Thank goodness I came when I did because if it was earlier in my mission I probably wouldn't have used this sacred time like I should but now I'm all about the Lord's time and so I'm constantly studying or writing stuff down. There is so much information on the pioneers and golly I have this huge booklet I'm trying to read and it's not all sticking...but it will come :) I don't really know how long I'll be serving here so I'm soaking it all in and trying to enjoy every second of it! I am so grateful!

I have such a strong testimony that each tour we give is for US. When you're sitting in 1st chair, that person or family is meant for you. I know it. I've been so fortunate because I've given most tours to families or cute newlyweds. I love it! And I keep getting all these mesa kids! Goodness. I can't get rid of them haha. Actually one tour was for 3 BYU boys and 2 of them were in President Cowan's stake! funny stuff. I love how we meet sooo many different people. One of the senior couples said, "Remember, you could be their only tour for their whole life. Make sure it's led by the spirit and what they need." Presssuurreeeee. I'm still learning but with every tour it gets better. Probably the most spirit led tour was for this family--and Hannah is actually coming to this mission next transfer!--and I could just feel the spirit the whole time. It was a really tender experience. Like I just knew that I was needed for that tour to help her feel more excited and less nervous to come here to the Nebraska Omaha Mission and to help her family feel at peace that she was going to be taken care of. Thank you so much for your prayers! I really need them.
Hannah and all the Sisters.
SO. Heavenly Father is such a gem. I needed Sister Frisina in sooo many ways it's insane. And because of her I truly have been changed for the better. I was reading in Helaman 7 and Nephi is super depressed and wishes he had been living in the earlier Nephi---beginning--time. And his life is in shambles...but did this Nephi realize what 1st Nephi went through? It just made me think of all these things that happened to Nephi...leaving his home, getting beat by his brothers, having to kill someone....he had a rough life! But I love Nephi because he was just so positive and  kept on going. Maybe this Nephi didn't know that, just  how we don't know the lives of others and their struggles. I'm totally guilty of seeing other missionaries or happy sisters and wishing I was them. But I CAN BE ONE OF THE THEM. It truly is all based on attitude and how we're WILLING to look at things. And that's where I am right now. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. And it took me a very long time to figure that one out, but I'm so grateful that I understand that now. I'm sure Heavenly Father has toughened me up some because being with Sister Purcell is a whole new ballgame. I'm just constantly happy and able to brush things off and forgive. Mom--your motherly  curse came true :) I was thinking about it and some things that happened this week....and I'm not the same person I was almost a year ago. I'm truly different. I am a better me. I am more like the Savior-and although I'm still no where close to being like him, I'm better off then where I started. I love my Savior! I love this gospel! I will be forever grateful for this tender time in my life to serve Him. 

love always,

Sister Case
Doughnuts with the New First Presidency.

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