Monday, March 2, 2015

ENJOY to the end

February 16, 2015

Howdy fambam!! How was your Valentines Day? President and Sister Weston did the Trail Center training that morning and it was so tender. (and they brought donuts from Krispy Kreme aka my favorite. Happy and fluffy. Go Big. or Go Home. or GO HOME BIG.) It was about charity and eternal companions and always making sure that God is our #1 valentine. I JUST LOVE HELPING OTHERS FEEL LOVED AND THAT THEY ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. It's one of the best holidays out there if you ask me.
Can I just say how much I love my ward? 6 months of fun and growing and miracles. I've been so blessed to be here this whole time with all the changes and new bishopric and being able to truly see the growth in others when it looks like they are hardly moving anywhere from a distance...but I've seen changes. And I am so grateful that I'm being able to see all of these miracles. The love that I have for the people in this area is ridiculous. I've grown to love the people in the cold spring area more than any other area i feel like. They just all mean so much to me.

Kayla (and another less active that we've been working with named Richard) both met with Bishop this Sunday FINALLY. We've been trying to get this to happen since I got here. Kayla came to a baptism and a RS stake fireside last night. Every time she leaves--she's happier. The spirit is slowly working within her and I just love it. I LOVE HER. She swore that she would never step foot in a Mormon church ever again...and now she's coming every week. She also said she would never meet with Bishop....and she now respects him and will be friendly. She's more comfortable with the members and is beginning to trust them. She's making friends. She's been reading the Book of Mormon every single day. She has lots to work on....but the progress that she has made is beautiful. I have been able to witness the atonement changing someone right before my very eyes. I am so blessed to be a missionary.

We had zone Olympics this week! My new name: Coach Case. hahaha it was so fun! I got a whistle for it and everything. I love our Nommies.

 I really am just trying to enjoy every moment. To really just spend the time loving every single person. To have charity. To take the time to see all the beauty that Heavenly Father put here in Nebraska. I love this mormon message. It is so good! Check it out :)
We went to the temple this week and oh my heart did I just love it. Sneaky President Weston shakes my hand and says, "I'll see you 2 weeks...." and smiles and walks away. WHAT. Obviously he doesn't know my secret plans to run through the airport and hide away and then have a member come rescue me and I run the streets of Omaha to share the gospel and stay here forever...I'm kidding....not really..... But my eyes were opened to loving the gift and talents that others have and taking the time to appreciate them more. My mission has really helped me to see things in such a different way. I really look at life differently now. And it helped me to see how sneaky Satan really is. He just knows how to get into our heads...and make us feel like we're nothing. Ugh. But I've just really been trying to be even happier and enjoy the small things. To notice the un-noticed. We just have to look at things with our hearts.

I really could go on forever with all the miracles I've seen this week. But something that I know from the bottom of my heart is that God knows each of us individually. He knows exactly what we are going through. And what we need. And who to come to the rescue. He has everything planned out so perfectly. He is busy taking care of 10,000 different things in our lives when we might only notice 3 of them. He is in the details of our lives. I've seen it in my life and all those around me who I am luckily enough to serve. He LOVES us. We are all children of God. The atonement can and should be used every single day. Stacey made a comment at church "I'm not the kind of person that's a jumping jelly bean and loves life...." and everyone just looks at me HAHHAHA it was so funny! But it's so true. I am just SO HAPPY. I love life. I love my Savior. Like oh my heart I'm crying at the computer...but I just have so much joy in my heart for this gospel and for others. Like I have no time to be sad that this magical time here is ending because there is too much to be grateful for all around me. I have never been so at peace. Like always, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

I love y'all buckets. xoxo

Sister Case

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