Monday, March 2, 2015

Pinky Promises

February 9, 2015

Howdy fambam!!! AMANDA KARREN YOU CAN DRIVE? and date? and this is all sooooo wrong. I just don't understand life. I'm so happy y'all had a wonderful time at the temple! I get to go this Friday and I am soooo excited. I am so grateful for a mission to help me see what this life is all about. and I really do have such a deep love for the temple now. My world has changed and I am so grateful for it.
Want to hear some of the saddest things ever? (dramatic me style)
1. We have this less active sister that Bishop wants us to go find and visit and her name is Taylor Smith. When I was looking it up, I look at Sister Hodges and go "Taylor Smith....that sounds like another name that I know....Taylor S.....who is it?" I eventually give up and after the prayer it hits me. TAYLOR SWIFT. I FORGOT TAYLOR SWIFT'S NAME. OH MY HEART.
 2. A bunch of us sisters are downstairs eating in the kitchen and someone says a comment about St. Patrick's Day...well I pipe up that if anyone doesn't wear green then I will pinch them so beware. All of a sudden the room gets all quite and everyone just looks at me....AND IT HIT ME THAT I WON'T BE THERE TO PINCH MY TENDER SISTERS. Yep. I just burst into tears. It's fine. and then started having a laughing panic attack.
Wellll besides that THIS WEEK WAS GREAT. I just love it. I haven't taken a single tour all week basically tell people to take a road trip up here so they can watch Meet the Mormons and learn about the pioneers and have a grand old tour time.
We had Mission Leadership Council this week and it was soooo good.
It was all about covenants and boy did I learn lots. It just really made me think--am I doing things b/c I have covenanted to do them? or do I do things grudgingly? It was just this incredible outlook on things for me. And when we make and keep covenants and are obedient to them--GOD IS BOUND to bless us.
A covenant person:
-loves everyone and know that charity never faileth
-is obedient
-repents daily
-keeps themselves clean and pure spiritually
-helps others keep their covenants
-gives service to others
-is loyal to God
-follows God's will and not his own
-has purpose behind his actions
-preserves against hardship with the Savior near
My Sistas: Hodges, Whipple and Howes.
I love that when we partake of the sacrament--we renew ALL of our covenants. And I know that covenant keepers and covenant makers are what God wants.  President Weston said something that really hit home to me--"Each day, ask yourself 'is this helping me to become?'" So this week really take the time to think about your choices and actions and if it's helping you to keep your covenants and BECOME.
"It's not about all we have done. It's about who we've become." 
I am so grateful for Jesus Christ, who helps me to become someone I never even imagined possible. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on the earth. And I know that we can all know that for ourselves as we take the time to truly seek Him.
I love y'all!
Sister Case
Abe Lincoln's Birthday

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