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I'm a sprinter

January 26, 2015
Howdy fambam! OH MY HEART THOSE PETER PAN PICTURES ARE THE CUTEST THINGS OF MY LIFE. I'm obsessed. Oh and the weather here:God loves me. It's been like 60! Best January of my entire existence. I feel like these weeks keep going by faster..and faster...and I'm just trying to take it day by day or even hour by hour at this point to enjoy every second. I'M STAYING IN COLD SPRINGS!!!! AND AT THE TRAIL CENTER. Heavenly Father spoils me, as Sister Whipple would say haha. I am just so grateful. I mean...dying in YSA might not be the best...they already have my last supper basically ward party planned...and some have told me of people they want me to "hang out" with up at BYU...and a few try to sneak in by calling me by my first name....they are all crazy. But I just laugh and pretend that I'm living in NE the rest of my days. I love this ward SO much. I'm sure I'll have a mental breakdown when reality hits...but until then I'm JUST SO HAPPY AND LOVING LIFE AND BEING A MISSIONARY.
I saw Sister Dumont on her last night. God loves us. the end.

I have a new companion...again....haha. Her name is Sister Hodges and she's from Nampa, ID. We are Sister Training Leaders together. I'm so pumped to do it again! She is so cute! I've had a new companion every single transfer for the last 7 1/2 months now....either that means I will never get married b/c I can't even hold on to a companion for 6 weeks...or Heavenly Father has something else in store. Actually I'm really grateful b/c I've been companions with like a 3rd of the Trail Center  hahaha and President's goal for me is to help unify the TC and being with so many different companions has really helped strengthen my relationships with them. and I'll be honest, not being a STL last transfer was super sad and hard for me b/c I felt like I wasn't good enough and things...but I totally see the miracles and blessings from it. This past transfer I was able to just really bond with the sisters and they trusted me more and confided in me b/c I wasn't a leader. (the second you have leadership you're the last to hear about anything) I really needed that to better help the sisters THIS transfer. Heavenly Father is so aware of every single thing in our lives and I know that He is always striving to benefit our lives.

I also moved into my 4TH elder apartment. God is making up for the fact of not having to deal with brothers my whole life....I love my case girls more than ever now haha.

Maggie dropped us :( Which is super sad b/c she believes it all and wants it in her life and wants her future family to have this happiness...but she told her parents and they freaked out! And since they're still paying for her life, she really needs them and their support and love she said she couldn't hurt their feelings. noooooo. But she asked us to pray for her that she would be able to find this again in her future life and be able to figure all this out one day. I have great faith that Maggie will join the church someday. It's not now--but hey, a super seed has been planted :) and that's all we can do IS INVITE.

I have a HUGE testimony in BEING STILL. Truly allowing yourself to listen to the spirit is so crucial to growing. The Trail Center has taught me that one. I was running to the theater from the prayer closet before my video was up and I just took a deep and I heard a line in the film that I've heard 1,000 times but finally truly listened to it. "We put our trust in God, and He helped us through." That just stood out to me soooo much and I felt at peace. Then I walk into the room and the lady is crying, saying how that last line is what really got her. MIRACLES. They still exist.

I was able to receive a blessing from Bishop Biggs yesterday, and boy did it just tickle my heart. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of each and every one of us. A smile can do a lot for someone else...and ourselves. Charity has been the big thing to me almost my whole mission. This guy recently told me that that charity is like the cargo on a ship. You could have a ship going somewhere, but if you don't have any cargo then it's pointless. Same as us--we could have all the faith and hope and different things..but if we don't have charity then our journey is pointless. I still have buckets to improve on, but that's why I am so grateful for prayer and the atonement.
When we're charitable, we're happy. When we're happy, we see with our hearts. I know this to be true.

I love y'all!!!
Sister Case


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